Tonight’s bottom line

By: Diane Benjamin

David Hales gives frequent interviews on WJBC, I’ve posted links to many of them.  I remember one of his lines about the budget – but I’m not going to re-listen to find it.  He claimed any cuts to the budget now are cuts to “muscle”, not fat.

Of course he was lying because that was before we found out about the $1.2 Million he allowed to be thrown away so employees could spike their pensions.  He is still allowing employees to spike their pensions, and it costs you money!  He claimed at the last Council meeting 60 days was needed to study the issue.  Changing the payout date is all that’s needed, so of course he is lying again.

Is anything Hales says believable?

What else is he throwing money away on?  The Budget Task Force is a joke – they are NOT considering line-by-line cuts to the budget.  The cuts they will present will be ones that can’t possibly be done, like selling the BCPA, and cuts to essential services that will make citizens scream.  You are being played by people calling themselves public servants.

David Hales and Tari Renner are NOT working for the citizens.  They have an agenda and tax increases are needed to implement it.

Can the agenda be stopped?

How angry are you?  Enough to show up tonight?

Public Comment will be at 6:00, 7:00, and whenever they get to debate raising the Sales Tax.

Remind Aldermen Painter, Black, Mwilambwe, and Fruin will be defeated in the next election if they raise taxes AGAIN.   Remind them about the lies David Hales tells.  Remind them Tari’s Budget Task Force is a joke.

Alderman Lower, although up for election,  doesn’t need reminded that he represents you.


7 thoughts on “Tonight’s bottom line

  1. It’s especially offensive because they’re doing it so Normal isn’t the only one bringing in “extra revenue.” These ppl are like those hoarders on TV – they just cannot stop spending. I seriously think it’s a cabal of mentally ill people who need help.


  2. Where is the outrage? A City manager than incompetently wastes 1.2 million in tax money should be GONE!

    And a question: How complicit in this pension spiking “game” are the 2 city employees, Emily Bell and Barb Adtkins, who were the primary beneficiaries? I’m asking. Because if they were co-cospirators in the process, we should make McLean County a VERY unpleasant place for them to call home. Every day……every encounter.


    1. Renner & Hales are “blaming” Emily Bell (HR) for the spiking practice even though Hales was well aware of the situation shortly after he arrived here and did nothing. They are all complicit.


  3. Wasn’t Hales quoted in the Pantagraph yesterday saying he thought the
    Council would have no trouble passing the tax increases. The spending already started at the retreat.


  4. Here’s a post on WJBC Facebook page about tonight’s meeting, with a photo:
    “Standing room only at the Bloomington City Council meeting. I’m just assuming most of these people are here to talk about the proposed sales tax increase.”
    Sounds a little antagonistic and mocking to me… So much for fair journalism, not that I would expect anything more from them.


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