They REALLY don’t care

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington is so “blessed” to be run by people who have no interest in good government.  All they want is money, more money, and control.

The video failed to capture the beginning of the meeting.  I wonder if that was so Tari shuffling the comment cards wasn’t shown.  Public Comment was over 30 minutes, but too many spoke about the aquifer and too many soccer supporters spoke.  Some speakers were not allowed to speak at the opening public comment.  The whole meeting was over 3 hours, so by the time they got to the Sales Tax Public Comment, many people had left.

I’m going to start with posting highlights you need to see:  (I know I’m missing some good ones, more later)

Elizabeth Gruber  – 2:30

Gary Lambert – 8:03

Bruce Meeks – 24:41

Alderman Lower pulled the approval of the Wire Transfer from the consent agenda.  Watch David Hales spin the truth starting at 41:05.

Hales calls the unapproved Wire Transfers routine and already approved in the budget.


Where is the line item in the budget for accelerated payments to IMRF?  If there really is one, what else are they hiding?  Nobody knew about this one, is there more?  Since NOBODY has been able to get a line item budget, we don’t know.

Don’t miss Alderman Black attempting to cover for Hales after.  Evidently Black thinks it’s fine for the City to spend money, hide it for 3 years, and then get Council approval when it is discovered.  Wasting over $1.2 Million while raising taxes is immaterial to the pots.

You can’t miss this one:  Tari 2:40:52

Once again he uses the “No free lunch” line.  He doesn’t see the irony in that since everybody on the Council (except Lower) gets frequent free lunches, breakfast, and dinners at taxpayer expense.  Renner once again talks about the huge staff reductions while failing to mention Hales staff is much bigger and employees TARI wants have been added – like the Communication Director.  If departments are short-staffed, fire employees that add to the bureaucracy and hire others where needed.  Renner also claims there was only one tax increase while costs have been going up.  Truth Tari?  Did you forget the Amusement Tax, the Gas Tax, and the Utilities Tax.  One tax?

When Renner and Hales lips move . . .

Costs are going up Tari.  Tell the employees is they want raises, fine.  But the taxpayers are tapped out.  Employees will lose their jobs to pay for others getting more.

If Bloomington had a thriving economy, cost increases wouldn’t be an issue because tax receipts would be rising too.  Taxes are flat because Bloomington is on it’s back and it’s going to get worse with Mitsubishi closing.  Almost every pro-tax speaker kept say a penny, or 1/4 penny.  Making tax increases sound minimal is just their tactic.  How about the other 40 or 50 pennies that’s already being stolen?

Raising taxes now is the worst idea possible.  Watch Alderman Painter proclaim she is voting for the tax increases at 3:06:30.  Spoken like a true socialist.  I wonder if she is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

This quote should be really easy to understand now:

When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

Thomas Jefferson

They obviously don’t fear you.  What are you going to do about it?





11 thoughts on “They REALLY don’t care

  1. Your headline is 100% correct. They (Sage, Schmidt, Black, Fruin, Hauman, Painter, Baragus, Mboka, Renner, Hales) REALLY don’t care. They are a miserable set of representatives of the people. Absolutely the worst group that the citizens of BLM have ever seen.

  2. Surprised you didn’t mention the lack of respect given to Alton Franklin when he spoke. Sage and Black were too busy with their costly electronic toys. The Public Hearing will have no written record of speakers because the formal sign-up sheet went missing and the Clerk couldn’t find another one. The Mayor allowed the proceedings to continue without it. The entire meeting was a disgrace. A new attendee, a retired small business owner who I know was too angry to speak and was appalled by actions of the Council. I think he has a retirement home in Arkansas.

  3. A bit off topic but important to know related to Alderman Lower’s question about the Wire Transfers.

    Open Meetings Act
    Posting information regarding member compensation
    Effective date: January 1, 2012

    Applies to all IMRF employers and their employees (including those not participating in IMRF)

    Old Law: Not applicable

    New Law:

    Within six days of approving its budget, an IMRF employer must post the total compensation package for each employee receiving a total compensation package that exceeds $75,000 a year.
    At least six days before an IMRF employer approves an employee’s total compensation package that will equal or exceed $150,000 a year, the employer must post the total compensation package for that employee.
    For this statute, “total compensation package” is defined as salary, employer-paid health insurance premiums, housing allowance, vehicle allowance, clothing allowance, bonuses, loans, vacation days which will be earned in that year and sick days which will be earned in that year.

    If an employer maintains a website, it can post the information on its website or post the information available at its main office. If it chooses to post at its office, it must post on its website on how to access the information.

    If the employer does not have a website, it must post the above information at its main office.

  4. I just got done vomiting. David Hales actually uses the lack of reporting of wire transfers on the need for more employees or city staff being short staffed!!!!! This guy is out of control.

    1. Just wait!! At the retreat the Council decided its #1 Goal is Economic Development. Alderman Black went on a rant about pouring more $$ into it at last night’s Council meeting. Expect more staff in that department. Expect more tax abatements for developers. Expect more incentives (tax breaks) given to businesses to entice them to move here.

      1. I’m wondering if Macy’s at Eastland Mall will be next to close. It wouldn’t surprise me if it did. There would go some more sales taxes revenue lost. I don’t know how that mall survives. Maybe the mall owners need to ask for some incentive aka handout too. Seems everyone else is getting it in some way or fashion.

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