Bloomington Properties

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is a link to a pdf file I created from the McLean County Assessor’s website.  All the properties are owned by the City of Bloomington.

I deleted most or all of the leasehold properties at Lake Bloomington.  Now I need to identify the remaining properties.  A lot of them are going to be parks, boulevards, easements, etc.  There are some buildings though – I want to determine why the City owns them.

An example is 1402-1404 N Morris.  On-line pictures look like apartments.   First the properties need identified, then we can figure out why the City owns them.

If you can help identify some, clink here:  Bloomington Properties

Email me what you find:  [email protected]

Thanks for the help!


One thought on “Bloomington Properties

  1. the properties are owned by the TAXPAYERS OF BLOOMINGTON NOT THE CITY OF BLOOMINGTON. It takes taxpayer dollars to keep up the properties and manage the properties. So If the TAXPAYERS own this property whats to stop taxpayers from putting for sale signs on property?Its theirs!


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