Why was the Sales Tax increased?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The vote to raise the Sales Tax was rushed through the Bloomington City Council on purpose.  Normal wanted more money, so Tari fixed the vote for Chris Koos.  The reason given was the County’s year-end – they had to have their 1/4% fast.

Instead of voting on just the 1/4% increase requested by Alderman Sage, Renner cut off any talk of not voting for the entire 1%.  The Council had little data, just Renner claiming a “structural deficit”.

See the chart below.  Major Revenue as of 8/31/15 if up:


That’s May 1st – August 31st.

Video Gaming Revenue won’t be received until the State has a budget.  (Maybe Tari should call Mike Madigan and tell him Rauner was elected by the entire State, Madigan by a tiny sliver.)

The 7 YES council votes need to explain why they voted to raise taxes without any data.

Tari needs to explain where his structural deficit is.  Revenue to date is way up over last year.  Is Tari anticipating a collapse?

I wonder if Tari is going to declare Bloomington now has money for soccer fields and Connect Transit?

http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=9212  Page 4  (as of August 2015)








6 thoughts on “Why was the Sales Tax increased?

  1. Isn’t there an OLD adage “Figures don’t lie, but LIARS figure”?? Seems there JUST might be one in the midst-OH, this transparency is just killing us! WHAT next?


  2. Welcome to the Renner House of Utopia Ladies and Germs! We’ll have more bike lanes,,, more bike lanes everywhere! We’ll have money to pull the weeds and fill the potholes in the bikers lane. We’ll build a new library and employ many of my union supporters by trade, for 12 weeks each! (Then their job is done, thy go home.) We’ll transfer the YMCA to the Great Escape building and my friends the bankers and developers will escape their debt. Oh such glorious days are ahead! We’ll build my damned hotel, you’ll see then the coliseum will rise! It will rise, I’m telling’ ya above the ashes! Ha ha, haha, ha! Yes I will get the last laugh! Ha! Free lunch for all of my political friends. Peanuts for the paupers.

    My comrade Krissy Koos will be so proud! We can help build the soccer complex and employ my union friends for another 12 weeks per trade. See that I will create jobs with this money. That’s 24 weeks that they will not have to go to the food pantry. State Farm can suck it, I just create jobs so fast they come out of my arse. Yes they do and it feels good! Free lunches for all my political friends! Bring a pal.

    Next we can build a Leeds Certified Indoctrination Complex for the very complex Ecology Action Center. It will be immense! Taller than me!!! Get them out of that old spot that’s been recycled forever. What nonsense. Well my political friends your reward is in my hands. Ha! I am great! I am great! I am great! Haha, ha, hahahahahaha! Come on over here Mr. Hales, this will make a great selfie! Hahahaha, ha, hahahaha, ha!


  3. DO NOT forget HOTEL TAX! I was pricing a local hotel and the tax was OVER 10% which is HIGHER then I pay in a GOOD Chicago suburb! The local one was $57.95 and the tax was $6.96! That’s CRAZY! Maybe that covers the colonoscopy management losses!


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