Stand up to Lisa Madigan

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington resident April Huber isn’t sitting by and letting Illinois Attorney General get by with not doing her job.  She asked me to post this information.

I would not have been forced to file a lawsuit against the City of Bloomington concerning the Coliseum if Lisa Madigan’s office had done their job.  She accepted my complaint and then did nothing about it for at least 8 months.

Judy Stearns would be have waited for years for the AG’s office to find Renner/Hales guilty of violating the Open Meetings Act if Madigan had done her job.

These are just two examples of the incompetence in her Public Access office which was created so citizens can hold their government accountable.

April wants other citizens to file complaints against Madigan and her law license.  Since nobody is holding her accountable, it’s up to the abused citizens to do it.

The information needed to file a complaint against her can be found here:






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