Democrats in Illinois want you to pay for abortions!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I am 1000% against killing babies!  I will make no apology to ANYBODY for wanting to protect unborn life.  It’s not tissue – it’s a beating heart of a person who has no choice in the decisions a mother makes.  I have to stand up for the over 50,000,000 million people who aren’t here today because their mother and a doctor murdered them!

See Illinois House Bill HB4013.  Instead of passing a balanced budget that would get Illinois out of a fiscal ditch, House Democrats want you to pay to murder children of Medicaid recipients.

Fiscal Note (Dept. of Healthcare & Family Services)
The cost for the Department of Healthcare and Family Services would be $1.3 million

This bill has been placed on the calendar for a third reading.

That means it could be brought for a vote in the lame duck session.

All of the sponsors are Democrats – see the link to the bill above.  Below are the email addresses listed on their sites:

Gregory Harris doesn’t have email:

                                                                                       (217) 782-3835
                                                                                      (217) 557-6470 FAX

Barbara Flynn Currie doesn’t have email:

                                                                                       (217) 782-8121

                      (217) 524-1524 FAX


Illinois Democrats need to know we demand fiscal responsibility from them.

They need to be held accountable for demanding we pay for murder!





15 thoughts on “Democrats in Illinois want you to pay for abortions!

  1. Did you miss the amended Fiscal Note at the bottom? The $1.3 million figure was a mistake.

    Fiscal Note (Dept. of Healthcare & Family Services)
    There would be zero cost to the Department of Healthcare and Family Services; Offset savings were overlooked in the first note filed.


  2. I don’t think anyone “Wants” an abortion as much as they “need” one. Instead of taking it out on the women all the time, how about you start attacking both party’s that danced together. I hear or don’t read much about support, from your side, or helping the mother thru the costs birthing this child. Then you start complaining after forcing someone to not get an abortion, about the cost of welfare to feed and clothe the women and child. You refuse to consider helping the mother and child get on their feet without sounding like the second meanest person in the world. WE need to get the other party involved in this child’s life until maturity. Why do you not work on that just as rigorously as you want to oppose just abortion?

    Before you climb up on your stump and yell back, I’m only expressing what we can do in this Free Country. We can have these discussions.


      1. Again you have said nothing about going after the male portion of this situation. Had they been responsible to start with, you and I would not be having this discussion.


    1. It baffles me that the logic of protecting an unborn child is not carriered over for the rest a child’s life. The child didn’t choose their circumstances. If we are determining a child’s worthiness by the fact that their mother and/or father didn’t keep their pants zipped then we clearly are not as pro-life as we would like to believe. I helped out a single mom in a bad situation and didn’t judge her or her actions. I was glad to help because that mom can make sure her child has the necessities as she gets her life settled. What does God teach us about having resources to help others? You won’t be able to take your money and belongings with you when you die. But you will be judged on how you shared your blessings.


  3. Outlawing abortions doesn’t make abortion go away. It drives it underground and makes it unsafe. Where are you on making sure there is easy, affordable access to birth control? Is it worth a gov’t subsidy to prevent pregnancy/abortion? Also…are you anti death penalty? Life is life, right?


      1. Reply to yours, “Diane Benjamin – editor says:
        November 18, 2016 at 9:21 am

        Did I stutter?


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