Normal FORGOT!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I reported in September Normal’s funding of Police and Fire pensions was dismal:

While Chris Koos was busy creating his vision for “Uptown”, he forgot the Town’s other needs.  One of those is funding pensions for the essential personnel citizens really want – Police and Fire.  Somehow the employees on IMRF got funded at 81%, Koos obviously didn’t care about the Police and Fire people.

Tonight Koos is going to show he really does care by raising your property taxes!

Meanwhile, plans for a new library and underpass continue.

I reported in 2012 TOTAL Town debt in 2005 was $ 28,896,720.  Documentation was taken off the Town website.  See this story:

How much debt was Normal in as of March 31, 2016?

page-27Page 27:

Koos added $69 million in debt, but couldn’t fund pensions!

Four more years of Koos?

Koos isn’t done putting you in even more debt and raising more taxes.

You have a better option Normal!





4 thoughts on “Normal FORGOT!

  1. I’ll be speaking against the proposal tonight. I encourage others to join me. In addition to the $88,000 a year we committed for Zagster bikes,we had $500,000 for demolition of citizen-owned property on Beech Street, nearly a million to buy out and renovate Terri Ryburn’s privately held Pine Street filling station, $40,000 to build a canopy for the new Stout Chiropractic offices, and $67,000 to put in fiber optic links for Destihl–all private projects that were financed out of the general fund. The town just sold a house at a roughly $100,000 loss to the taxpayers and has others poised for similar sales.There is certainly room to tighten the budget and cover the additional pension amounts without levying new taxes.


  2. Add to Marc’s list:

    $100,000 on a score board at ISU’s Hancock stadium
    $1.4 Million on a feasibility study for an overpass or underpass in Uptown
    $350 to haul the Normal Town Council in a horse drawn carriage in the ISU Homecoming parade
    $3,700 on an audit for Scott Preston’s travel follies
    $1,500 for Family Fun day at Rader Family Farms
    $1,900 on a strategic planning retreat
    $250,000 on two properties purchased on School Street and sold at a loss

    Normal residents, I know for certain we can find more. Please chime in. I’m just getting warmed up.


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