Tari admits subverting capitalism

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner believes in the top down approach to government.  He wants total control of local economic development.  Think about his hotel plans in downtown Bloomington that will steal business from existing hotels.  HE wants to decide who succeeds and who fails.   Understand now why he didn’t sign the loyalty oath declaring he isn’t a communist?  Fidel would be proud!

During the discussion of enacting yet another TIF, Renner proclaimed “serious investors” were interested in the N Main property from the time he became mayor.  He went on to explain how it took time for the old hospital to be torn down and for the City to buy the property – only $1.4 million!

The City bought this property for only one reason:  To control what is developed on it.

If serious investors really are interested, why did Renner subvert our capitalist system and have the City buy it?

Renner is playing developer with your money because he can, most of the Council doesn’t believe in capitalism either.  It’s much more fun to be KING.  Alderman Kevin Lower spoke after Renner about allowing the private sector to work naturally – Renner claimed development wouldn’t happen without the City.

Bloomington is on record as providing handouts to preferred developers.  Every project Renner will tout during his reelection campaign has been subsidized.  807 N Main is only his latest foray against the private sector.   Who is not going to build on that property because it didn’t fit Renner’s agenda?

This is how Bloomington got a Coliseum and an unused Fire Station.  The mayor had an agenda and a compliant Council who went along with the vision.  Fleecing taxpayers is how business is done in Bloomington.

The Council vision should be maximizing the ability for citizens to keep and spend their money where they want.  That’s not fun compared to picking winners and losses.  By the way, taxpayer were picked as the losers last night.

Just hit play to hear Bloomington’s dictator:

2 thoughts on “Tari admits subverting capitalism

  1. Renner is flat out manipulating the truth about TIFs. It is the same old song and dance as with the hotel–secret developer with secret plans that will cost the taxpayer future tax dollars.

  2. SSHHHHH! we’re “investing” your dollars and helping our “secret” investors! It’s all top secret, just like ANY financial records. Loose lips sink hotels!

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