Watch the Normal Council raise your taxes

By:  Diane Benjamin

At the last Normal Town Council meeting property taxes were raised.  There was the obligatory gnashing of teeth before the ENTIRE Council voted yes, they are all wonderful actors pretending pensions funding isn’t their fault.  Blame the State, blame under performing markets,  never Uptown!

The video is available here:

The entire meeting is only 38 minutes.

Two gentlemen spoke during Public Comment at the beginning of the meeting – both are running for office in Normal:

Marc Tiritilli – Mayor

Ron Ulmer – Council

It’s ALL up to you Normal voters.

TERM LIMIT Koos and Council or keep getting fleeced.







4 thoughts on “Watch the Normal Council raise your taxes

      1. Property taxes are also used to abate debt which was created by mismanagement of tax revenue for Uptown development. Bloomington raised Utility taxes for supplemental funding of Pensions. Does the property tax also pay for the perk of the Gold Plated Health Care plans? It’s all a shell game. No one has the backbone to face the economic situation the cities have created for themselves or recognize the stagnant economic state of the entire country.


  1. Under KOOS and cronies UPTOWN took out the credit card, and maxed it out, hence, $100 million-GONE! and THIS is called representing the PEOPLE??


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