McLean County: Beware of Invenergy!

By:  Diane Benjamin

From the Edgar County Watchdogs website:

InvEnergy owes Champaign County $480,298 in unpaid taxes.

Recently, we shed a spotlight on three parcels of land in Champaign County which have unpaid taxes in the California Ridge Wind Farm developed and partially owned by INVENERGY which is 90% owned by TerraForm Power, which is 100% owned by now-bankrupt SunEdison.


Does the McLean County wind ordinance have a clause stating wind farm permits will not be given to any company owing taxes to any government in the State of Illinois?

No?  It should unless you want to be like Champaign County!

Meanwhile, Invenergy is going ahead with plans to snooker McLean County residents into yet another wind farm.

Invenergy has a new Facebook page:

See how fast your comments get deleted – followed soon after by you being banned from ever posting again.

6 thoughts on “McLean County: Beware of Invenergy!

  1. I think that Carol Rogers comment pretty much prove one of my own thoughts about some of the objections were because of cosmetic’s and another was jealousy of being left in the dark. Pun intended.

    1. Have you seen the studies about Co2 down and they can’t figure out why temps are up? It’s called that big yellow thing in the sky. It still used to be warmer in the Dark Ages, pillaging citizens wallets only make friends of government richer.

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