Developer scam-City FORCED to fix

By:  Diane Benjamin

Developers have been fleecing taxpayers, while the City of Bloomington watched, for decades.  Monday night a new crop of guys in need in business will make their cases for your money.  The Council is drooling over their ability to rule from the top down.  What citizens want is immaterial.  Why don’t developers spend their own money to make money?  Obviously whatever they propose isn’t worthy of THEIR money.

Remember this story?

The homeowner with a swamp in her back yard (because the developer didn’t maintain the detention basin properly), didn’t take NO for an answer when the City said they couldn’t afford to fix it.  Add another black mark against David Hales for accepting the property last fall from Brady without checking it.  Of course, Hales won’t be held accountable – or anybody else at the City.

The homeowner filed this complaint with the McLean County Health Department:  Health Hazard

Since providing essential services is frequently last on local government’s agenda, this homeowner forced them to do their job!  It would have been cheaper and easier to make the developer fix the problems before accepting it.  Instead taxpayers are forced to pay for more City incompetence.  Had enough yet?

At least the mosquito farm and stench is finally getting fixed.  It remains to be seen whether it’s being fixed permanently or if this is a temporary fix.  Note the standing water – even though it hasn’t rained in weeks.

Pics from this week:

IMG_0789 IMG_0777



3 thoughts on “Developer scam-City FORCED to fix

  1. Same old story with this town. When I move, and I will, a total of six more go with me. The cost to live here is only going to escalate with the loss of major employers and the short sighted control of the Koos and Renner regimes. Time to move on and re-establish in an area that is more fiscally responsible.


  2. I’m glad this website is available.

    Don’t expect much from “The Pantagraph” who runs hot topics about relatives fighting over who controls an east side restaurant. When I saw that Sunday morning I thought
    “who cares” because I baked a cake today too. Hot gossip among the locals I suppose. I was expecting a front page cover story on the action taking place at the corner of Washington (1706 East) and Mercer too. Someone on Facebook told me the P newspaper was going to do a story on it. Seems the new owners sawed down everything on that corner. It was the former home owned by Richard Owen who passed away in 2011. Shepard’s must have bought the place and are going to put up a fence higher than what it is zoned for. Yeah Pantagraph get that on the front page. That’s about all they are capable of reporting on.


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