Rauner is right – here’s proof

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington residents:

Have you looked at the address you send water payments to?

realwaterIf you have the misfortune of taking a trip in an ambulance, and get billed for it – where does that payment go?


Remember yesterday’s story about ISU?  https://blnnews.com/2015/10/21/isu-destroying-free/

What do they all have in common?  Illinois discourages business!

Bloomington outsources processing payments to other states because it’s cheaper than paying Workman Compensations claims for things like carpal tunnel.  It’s also cheaper than paying pensions and unemployment tax.

Lawyers run this state.  I’ve heard for years that Mike Madigan writes bills in Springfield to benefit his law practice.  ISU tortured my church because Illinois refuses to pass tort reform.  Bloomington spends almost every Executive Session talking about “pending litigation”.  (I guarantee it’s not my case against them and the Coliseum)

Because the General Assembly refuses to pass reforms:

Illinois jobs are now in Missouri and Minnesota.  Lawyers are required to hog-tie all transactions in legal nonsense.

Governor Rauner was elected to fix Illinois.  He can’t when the people who can won’t fix anything.  We need three reforms now:



Workman’s Compensation

Illinois doesn’t have a budget because Rauner refuses to cave.  I just proved to you that Illinois laws send jobs out of Illinois and tortures people who stay here.

If you agree – send the Governor a message of support:  http://www.illinois.gov/gov/contactus/Pages/VoiceAnOpinion.aspx




7 thoughts on “Rauner is right – here’s proof

  1. You know what is total BS? the fact they “charge” for using the ambulance. That is taken right out of our taxes to fund it. So if its paid for already why do we have to pay for it again IF we actually have to use it.


      1. No, I’m talking about those who don’t have health insurance who want a free ride to the ER. I know that’s not many, but it adds up.


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