Hear a sucking sound from the BCPA?

By: Diane Benjamin

That is the sound of your tax dollars disappearing – $25,120. Figure out government isn’t capable of “business type” activities? Losses don’t matter because it isn’t their money.

I hope that wasn’t paid twice – it is listed on page 145 and again on 151: https://www.bloomingtonil.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/29818

Performance date wrong:

I haven’t found an artist fee for this show yet, I guarantee the listed profit isn’t real :

3 thoughts on “Hear a sucking sound from the BCPA?

  1. Who books these shows? It appears they must select their personal favorites and we get to pick up the tab. How thoughtful of them.

  2. What surprises me is the difference between attendance and tickets distributed. I understand a few people will buy tickets and not be able to go to the show. But 180 people that bought tickets didn’t go to one, 160 each at another two shows doesn’t seem real. Am I just reading this wrong?

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