Coliseum Reports finally posted

By: Diane Benjamin

Evidently the Arena doesn’t have a name, the City just calls it “arena”. Does the building still have Grossinger signs?

Link to reports:

ISU rents the ice for hockey, the City actually makes a little money on those.

Below is the report posted on line for the September 27th concert:

Of course this report leaves out what Megadeth & Biohazard were paid to perform:

This show lost $27,397.87

This show was held October 10th:

An actual profit – $6,337.26

The City recently hired two guys for the Arts and Entertainment Department. Did you know the City had one?

See this link:

In addition the City has been working with NTL Productions, Nicholas Todd Leroy.

He owned the “short-lived” music hall and lounge called The Stable in downtown Bloomington. He is currently being sued over that fiasco. He also has a bit of a checkered past. Search here:

Hopefully the two new employees have better track records.

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  1. Win or lose, I still don’t understand why government needs to be in the entertainment business?

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