Bloomington tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

Delayed because of Memorial Day, tonight’s meeting starts with a Proclamation against gun violence:

gun violence

See the whole document Renner will probably read on PDF page 11.    Note the last 3 words above.  Gun violence isn’t caused by guns, the person holding the gun is the problem.  We don’t value unborn life in this country, why would birth make people more valuable?

Meanwhile Chicago had the most deaths since 2015 last weekend:

Do Black Lives Matter in Chicago?  Evidently not.

Tari needs to stop pandering to his base when reality proves Democrats aren’t capable of doing what it takes to end gun violence.  Chicago already has ridiculous gun laws.  If law abiding citizens were allowed to shoot back to protect themselves and criminals that used a gun were locked up forever, things would be different.

Other Consent Agenda Items:

The City is actually delaying the purchase of two 14 passenger bus until next year – around $120,000.  One was an additional bus for SOAR, the other replaced an 8 year old bus.  PDF page 23  They are buying other vehicles – see PDF pages 75 and 81.

They will award a contract for televising sewers – $1,856,115.63.  The City used to have two trucks capable of doing the job.  Rumor is that one caught fire and was never replaced.  I remember hearing staff had to attend training on how to use the equipment.  They must have given up on doing it themselves.  PDF page 27.

PDF page 44:  The Bloomington Police arrested a lady who was a victim of identity theft.  They initially thought she was passing bad checks.  She spent 37 hours in jail and will receive $55,000 for her trouble  $1,486 an hour!

PDF page 88 – If you aren’t 21 you can fight for your country but you can’t buy tobacco or alcohol.  Bloomington is changing the local ordinances to comply with State Law.

Other items include a Public Hearing on spending CDBG funds and blocking off streets for bars and restaurants.

Instead of allowing businesses to open, Illinois continues hurting them.  Pritzker’s orders will be deemed illegal which will make him personally liable for the damage he caused.  Bloomington and Normal might suffer the same fate if they continue to abuse the rights of citizens, especially business owners.


5 thoughts on “Bloomington tonight

    1. Good question?

      Are they whistling past the graveyard?

      Are they in the “It can’t happen here” mindset?

      Is the “money thing” just not important to them?

      Are they just crazy enough to not care?

      Are they in denial about the economic impact of the Communist Chinese Virus lockdown?


  1. The month of May is National Mental Health Month. There wasn’t a proclamation for that. The taxpayers contribute $1.2M/year for Mental Health. (Jail expansion)


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