Bloomington expects you to kneel

Below are the rules for restaurants and bars planning to open in Bloomington.  They are REQUIRED to REGISTER with the City.  Of course it includes threats too.  At Monday’s meeting this wasn’t going to be rushed, evidently they changed their mind. 

rules 1rule 2

15 thoughts on “Bloomington expects you to kneel

  1. These rules/regulations/control measures are never going to disappear. There is nothing temporary about authorized control. A simple sign posted, reading, “This place of business is in no legal or ethical way accountable for your personal health or wellbeing. We appreciate your patronage and welcome you on those terms.” Lets really go back to a normal lifestyle. Government needs to be accountable “on our terms”. All should be free to choose. This crap needs to STOP!

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  2. Diane you always talk about the will of the people

    The people have spoken. Stay closed. Follow heath experts.

    Your side lost

    Get over it


    1. ‘The will of the people’ gave a bar in a small town south of Decatur well more FB page likes than there are people in their town when they opened a couple weeks ago.

      ‘The will of the people’ is providing booming business to WI / IN / MO / IA as Illinoisians cross the border to eat dinner, get their hair cut, and ‘indulge’ in other services that Pritzger and Lightfoot deemed non-essential to us peons even thought They continued to partake.

      Health experts have figured out what ‘the people’ have been saying for some time: The lockdowns are causing more damage than the virus will.

      Your side lost.

      Get over it.


  3. Tom. there are no sides when it comes to the Constitution. We are all governed by the Constitution. Show me any clause in the US or IL Constitution that business has to adhere to these arbitrary and capricious rules, to quote a famous Judge. They are a list of rules that are not law. The City cannot make someone close in the first place. So anything after that is moot.

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    1. Behind ever Democratic Socialist Elite appears to be a totalitarian who will not be happy until YOU are controlled.

      Once again, we can see with our own eyes exactly how dangerous our leadership (and the leadership in Blue states) truly is.

      Totalitarians who dismiss the constitution as irrelevant and without remorse infringe of our rights need to voted out the next election. Our future freedoms and the freedom of our children depend on it.

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  4. Regardless of how much I would love to enjoy dining out, I will not patronize restaurants that kowtow to these rules. I don’t want to eat outside in 90° heat and humidity with bugs and sweat. I will drive across state lines where there are no restrictions. When everyone starts paying attention to actual research, actual numbers, and actual laws, and opens up with no restrictions I’ll be back.

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  5. The agenda item voted on regarding the opening of restaurants and bars was simply to give the City Manager the authority to expedite special permits. The businesses are asked to apply for a special use permit for open alcohol similar to any outdoor festival/activity. Ordinances still need to be followed but are being temporarily waived. The Council didn’t vote on a specific plan or timeframe. The Governor’s announcement for the opening of restaurants and bars on May 29 includes abiding by the CDC recommendations of social distancing and masks. The meeting YouTube video shows Jamie insisting on rushing his plan into place.

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  6. The audacity of illegally closing someone’s business and then requiring them to sign a government document to get small part of their rights back is astounding.

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  7. This gives a distinct advantage to the chain restaurants with deep pockets and armies of lawyers on standby that can whip through this paperwork. As for the little mom-and-pop restaurant or bar…good luck. Also, you’re nuts if you don’t think Tari and his minions aren’t going to play politics when it comes to processing applications.

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      1. Worse, all levels of local area government caved when they didn’t tell Pritzger to pound sand after his 30 days of legally-authorized emergency dictatorship were up in April. Pretending we had to ask permission in the first place is more shameful than not asking.

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  8. some of the rules contradict the previous rules,which doesnt surprise me considering its city of bloomington. so downtown bloomington will become an outdoor restaurant/bar scene where no one will be able to walk . here’s a great idea: take and set up an outdoor restaurant/ bar in the parking deck of the coliseum its not being used! Then again,bad idea. The local drug dealers are doing business there.


  9. Oh great, advise these restaurant owners to go out and buy a bunch of outdooor furniture in the spring when it is maxed out in price and then figure out where you’re going to store it all when when you don’t need it anymore. Can’t set out mustard and ketchup bottles, gotta be wasteful and anti-environmentalist in using packets. Guessing climate hysteria is no match for control-la virus, huh. Liberal lunacy never stops around here.

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