BLM, Violence, and Sonny Garcia

By:  Diane Benjamin

Officers covering for other officers they know shouldn’t carry a badge and a gun is what led to the death of a black man in Minneapolis.  I doubt there is any person in America that condones what the 4 officers did, especially the three without their knee on the guys neck who did nothing to save George Floyd.  It was despicable act that damages the reputation of every officer.  We can’t tell the good officers who signed up to serve from the ones who signed up to torture citizens.

Police need to do a better job policing themselves. 

That includes locally!

All of the above is no excuse for the violence destroying the livelihoods of citizens.  The people burning and looting aren’t protesters.  The perpetrators are taking the focus off the real story.

Black Lives Mater conducted a peaceful protest last night, unfortunately they did it in front of an organization that was founded to exterminate the black race.  Maybe they don’t know.

blm pp

Contrast peaceful with this guy who claims to support Black Lives Matter:

Sonny Garcia was planning to run for the Bloomington City Council until he found out felons aren’t allowed.   If violence erupts here, the police need to pay him a visit. 

Maybe he isn’t smart enough to realize the people hurt in Minneapolis used to own businesses where people worked and shopped.  When goods and services no longer exist maybe he will figure it out.  Maybe the Secret Service should also be notified.

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14 thoughts on “BLM, Violence, and Sonny Garcia

  1. “We are coming to the White House next” Really… Sonny? You just implied that:

    1. You support rioting, looting and burning down cities
    2. You plan on being part of the rioting, looting and burning down of the White House

    Here is the definition of treason for you, Sonny.

    The crime of betraying one’s country, defined in Article III, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution: “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” Treason requires overt acts and includes the giving of government security secrets to other countries, even if friendly, when the information could harm American security.

    Looks like you are a TRAITOR to your country, Sonny Garcia! I don’t think your mom would be proud of you?

    1. Get real. His country like Jenn’s is Mexico. Always will be. By the way, I just happened to be going in the other direction last night when this protest was going on. The little SJW’s were attempting to block traffic both ways on Veterans. I pulled in a parking lot and called the cops. Sonny, Jenn and the rest of the anti-American, anti-Caucasian crowd would have been too happy for some injuries or deaths to capitalize on. They are lucky the cops got their first to protect their worthless butts before someone ran them over or took matters into their own hands. One day, these people will flap their mouth to the wrong person or persons who will help them cash the check they have been holding onto.

  2. Sonny, if you want to quickly lose the support from the average person this murder has brought forth then by all means loot and riot away. Personally, I don’t think that you will find the dedication to the cause will be strong enough to finish what you start in declaring war on society. The lion doesn’t concern himself with the feeling of the sheep so if you bring it then bring all you got.

  3. Sonny is all about destruction. He wants to burn the system to the ground. Evil is on the move.

  4. Wow, all the entitled whites here telling Black people how to run their lives. You’re entire post drips of racism and contempt. Supporting Trump’s racist message is icing on your racist rant. Did a police officer put his knee on your child’s neck, killing him in 8 minutes? NO. That is not the first time that this type of murder has happened in the black community or is it the 1000 times this has happened, this happens every single day. So none of you have a freaking idea about the every day racism, the shear number of road blocks that every single Black confronts daily trying to live in this country with racial profiling and police brutality. When police, the government agents who are supposed to protect and serve the community, assault, kill, harass and discriminate members of a disenfranchised community all ideas of law, order and justice are thrown out the widow.
    You can sit in your white privileged little bubbles breaking your arms patting yourselves on your collective backs, because you aren’t like those “thugs” or what ever dog whistle you choose to use as code for your racism. Sorry you’re part of the problem, you’re contributing to this country’s corporate racism and the deaths of 100’s of Black people that each and everyone seems to support on this racist blog.

    1. Shawna: Spend some time with me at Schnuck’s in Bloomington some night from around seven to midnight and tell me afterwards who were commiting the nightly shoplifting, trying to pass counterfeit bills, trying to buy items with stolen credit cards, bitching about what they can’t get on WIC, etc., etc. and then we can discuss where the problems lay. I don’t know anybody that said the cop used tactics anyone would approve of. It is a tragedy. Maybe the victim is alive today if he hadn’t chosen to commit a crime. It isn’t all blacks, Hispanics, white and so forth. There is a reason certain people get stopped. The ones who act suspicious of any color. The clerk called the cops they just didn’t show up. Several of you people should look in the mirror and ask why your live is presumably a living hell. But you don’t and you won’t. Always someone else’s problem or someone else’s fault. Stick around Bloomington for a while. It will be your world soon.

  5. Shawna,
    You are as much the problem in racial divide as anyone. It is all what people can do for you and very little about what you can do for yourself.
    I have yet to see any big group attempt to justify what was done by the cop in Minneapolis. I do see a lot of people following the idea of never let a good crisis go to waste. Whether it be Pritzker or Obama shooting their mouths off today against Trump or people getting 5 finger discounts while burning stores down.
    Pritzker’s comments today by the way lowered him down to the mentality of Sonny Garcia. Quite a feat.

    1. Media: There is presumably a store video of the clerk telling the victim to put the items back and he could go free and he would tell the cops he wouldn’t have him arrested even after he tried to pay for the items with fake dollars. Of course he didn’t honor the clerk’s request and he’s dead and a city is on fire.

      1. If that video exists I am not sure it solves the problem..I am not condoning a robbery, but I definitely am not saying the cop’s actions are acceptable. Had the cop(s) acted in an acceptable and as a group immediately put him in the car Minneapolis would not be burning. Sorry but two wrongs do not make a right..

  6. Shawna,

    Go look up the body cam footage for the death of Tony Timpa. I’ll help you out. Dallas Morning News YouTube channel has it. And after you watch it, ask yourself how come Tony didn’t use his white privilege to keep himself from dying. People with your attitude, and there’s a lot of you, are hypocrites. You’re complaints fall on deaf ears with me, sorry to tell you. Grow up and realize you aren’t the center of the universe, and you never will be.


  7. SHAWNA, look to the billionaires club. They are the ones who OWN the media and stir up all the racial divide to keep us occupied fighiting each other. Crazy old white man here brought up with faith in God knowing that WE ARE ALL God’s children. Perhaps you accept that premise along with the race haters in your group and the world would e a better place for ALL!

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