Tari caught on Hot Mic

By Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

City councils are supposedly non-partisan.  We all know they aren’t.  Everybody needs to quit pretending many of the local elected aren’t playing party politics instead of what is best for it’s citizens.

Bloomington’s mayor Tari Renner proves that point.  I wonder if he is teaching this crap to his students at IWU?

Listen to the first 30 seconds, he doesn’t know he is live.  You may want to play that 30 seconds a few times so you can catch the reactions of everybody else.  Nobody seems too upset he is playing partisan politics at a non-partisan meeting:


Tari obviously thinks the electoral college should not exist.  He obviously wants Democrats to win every presidential election simply because big cities have more population and more dependent democrats.  We’ve seen Chicago Tari, thinking people don’t what the country turned into leftist utopia of bankruptcy, violence, lousy schools, and corrupt politicians.

This is a map by county of the 2016 election.  Tari thinks all those red areas need to be taxed to death and ruled as slaves.  That is what they would be, no candidates would ever care about anyone not living on the coasts.  Our elections are 50 state elections to protect the minority.  National popular vote elections mean minorities have no voice.  Maybe Tari is still suffering from TDS.

county level results


This is who Tari was having that conversation with:

I wonder how Jenn can stand her buddy Jeff Crabill working for a corporation?

Capitalism isn’t a deity, it’s a way of life Jenn – as in how the country has existed for more than 200 years.  Capitalism means you make something people want and they give you something you want in exchange.  What can possibly be fairer – unless you want handouts instead?  The biggest problem with capitalism is government attempting to usurp it.

Jenn is part of government.  What corporation is running you?  Maybe it’s a non-profit instead?

carr tari


12 thoughts on “Tari caught on Hot Mic

  1. On the surface Jenn wants freedom for her illegal friends but really has no idea what freedom is. Pathetic. She is and she does, prey on ignorance. It’s unfortunate.

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  2. Face it, these people didn’t have to be elected to anything for most to know who they are and what they represent. In a engaged community, people like Renner, Carrillo and Crabill would have been cast aside for the radicals they are and always have been. However, these mental cases become electable because BN has been transformed into a community of the disengaged and politically ignorant. When a community willingly encourages the uneducated, unskilled and irresponsible to become part of the population this is what you get. In my mind, it only gets worse to the point that some type of physical conflict or incident will occur. IWU has become a pox on this area as well. What used to be a respected religious-affiliated institution as morphed into a politically radical liberal arts college that is full of ultra-leftists in both the administration and student body…and yes, Renner does act like an arse in his classes according to some of his former students.


  3. A better question may be, how does the corporation feel about Jeff’s affiliation with Jenn, Illinois People’s Action, Democratic Socialists of America, and BLM

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    1. The truth? State Farm doesn’t care because their corporate leadership is cowardly and weak when it comes to anything other than complying with liberal political correctness. As long as Crabill is involved with organizations that are Caucasian loathing, they are fine with it. Just view their commercials for additional evidence.

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  4. “The biggest problem with capitalism is government attempting to unsurp it.”

    What exactly would you want in the place of government? Anarchy? Capitalism has winners and losers which you have railed against. Currently over 35 million people are out of work and many are struggling and standing in food lines. Families are going hungry. Capitalism certainly isn’t helping anyone out now. You’re little capitalistic model doesn’t work if people don’t have anything to give for those capitalism widgets. Could it be that capitalism isn’t always the best system? That what is needed is a government that regulates capitalism abuses?


    1. Capitalism has lifted people across the globe out of poverty, it is also making PPE. Government put people out of work on purpose and government is keeping them out of work. I will let readers gangle the rest but obviously you won’t care.

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  5. Jenn loathes corporations who run the country? Then she hates State Farm/Advocate/ Country Companies/Rivian. They are corporations who contribute millions to the economy of Bloomington. Property taxes, employee property taxes, employee buying products all over Bloomington. You hate them ? Just wait till they disappear completely and see what your Utopia looks like.All those corporations and their employees buy the goods and services that keep you in free lunches Jenn.

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