Take Action Now: Tyrant Pritzker!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Dictator Pritzker is playing politics while Illinois burns.  It is obvious now the shutdown in Illinois was never about bending the curve.  It is about trashing the economy in hopes of a huge bailout while crushing small businesses and people deemed non-essential.

Congratulation democrats – you elected a dictator.  

Proof:  Raising taxes with a constitutional amendment will be on the November ballot instead of fixing the REAL problems:  PENSIONS.

No government employees have been laid off, only serfs have lost their jobs.

If you missed this story by the Edgar County Watchdogs, read it now:  https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2020/05/illinois-urgent-call-to-action/

This story contains a link to their previous stories that recap what your governor plans to do to you:

  • Lock down Illinois for 150 days.  Conveniently until right before the November election
  • Create criminal penalties for any person not kneeling at Pritzker’s feet and daring to make a living so they can feed their families and pay their bills.

Democrats:  Do you support tyranny?

We need to know if oppressive government is how all democrats want to rule. 

Thinking people will vote accordingly!


Here’s what you need to do:

jcar agenda

A few other things the governor wants passed:

  • Expansion of Vote-By-Mail (perfect for voter fraud)
  • Make vaccines mandatory
  • Contact tracing (invasion of privacy)
  • Tax increases instead of cutting expenses

If you haven’t reserved the UHaul yet, it’s past time to defend your rights.  Freedom is a choice, act now.

We need to know where our local leaders stand on Pritzker’s power grab too.  Are Renner and Koos still firmly behind a dictator?  

Break Koos’ Public comment rules tonight and ask him!  Ask Renner at 6:00 pm tonight.

10 thoughts on “Take Action Now: Tyrant Pritzker!

    1. Forced vaccination, especially with how little information is available on effectiveness and success of any at this time would be the clarion call for widespread civil unrest. Seeing what Pritzker has done so far, nothing would surprise. I dare anyone, anywhere in government to try to do it. It will not end well.

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  1. I am hoping that all those rank and file union members wake up and quit voting for the demonrat party. Having a union job ain’t shit when the dictator rules. With everything shutting down and infrastructure going to pieces, there ain’t gonna be no work, no where!

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    1. Apparently the union folks are happy following their leaders staying home and staying safe. Got to suck up to government to get that work don’t you know?

      It’s the “unskilled” workers that are really getting slammed in this deal.

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  2. THIS would be a GREAT time for TRUMP to step in and DESTROY the unions! How many union “cheeseburgers” have you known that complain about HOW HARD they work, while standing around??


  3. What scares me about the penalties and The ability to extend an executive order 150 days is how he did this. On a Friday night when focus is diverted. You don’t pass these things if you don’t ultimately intend to use them. He keeps saying we are on track to go up one phase at end of the month but constantly say we don’t have enough testing and tracking. The ever ending uncertainty is brutal.

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