Koos: Different rules for us

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since the media isn’t interested in holding tyrannical dictators accountable, I must keep posting Mayor Koos taunting protesters.  This picture speaks volumes about him and his buddies on the Council – the PLAN is the only thing that matters, not you.

koos taunts 2

But there is more:

A guy name Josh Favus is Koos’ heir apparent to Vitesse, from Facebook:

josh vitesse

So, is Josh using social distancing and sheltering in place?  

Of course not!

Snake alley is a bike race in Ohio, note no masks and no social distancing:

snake alley

One or more are true:

  • Koos rules do not apply to his buddies
  • Josh proves the virus isn’t serious
  • Shutting down businesses is purely political
  • Ohio respects it’s citizens while Illinois doesn’t
  •  Koos is destroying families and businesses because he isn’t affected
  • Kissing Pritzker’s tush delights Koos
  • The shutdown is about power, not safety
  •  – add your own –

Is Josh going to quarantine for 14 days when he returns?  Haven’t we been told Koos’ health is at risk?  Is Josh a risk to Koos, or is the virus mania really a joke?


The media will not report Koos edicts don’t apply to his friends.  The majority of the Council will not see a problem, they would be outraged if this story was about one of you serfs however.





11 thoughts on “Koos: Different rules for us

  1. The echo chamber that these people inhabit is like a movie set in which they are the main actors and YOU are just faceless extra characters.


    What they say and do and think is the only thing that is important and they are ALWAYS right.

    What happens to you or what you say or do or think matters not to them and means nothing to them.

    So go away citizens… the Democratic Socialist Elites are here to save you from yourselves (while enslaving you).

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  2. At age 65, I bike about 2500 miles every year. My Bicycle Shop of choice is Wilson’s in Downtown Bloomington. Now more than ever! No political spin there, they just help keep my wheels spinning.

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  3. Geez! Wilson is STILL around? He rode a bicycle around the Eureka plant 30 years ago as a supervisor. It was much easier to get from one end of the factory to the other that way.
    Having the “opportunity” to go about Saturday, I saw a LOT of “social UNDISTANCE” going on. Maybe people are wising up, or just plain TIRED of hearing about Covid, blah, blah, EVERY time they turn on the news or read the papers. ENOUGH of this dead and warmed up leftover horse!

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  4. Pritzker’s Old Lady heads to Florida while Koos’ heir apparent heads to the Buckeye state. Either way, they’re getting out of Illinois.

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  5. Koos does not support the HOI reopening plan that all the surrounding counties do. His allegiance is to Pritzger. Koos does not support local non-essential businesses or their employees. Remember this when you need to buy a bike and at the next election.

    What do the other councils members do? What businesses do we boycott so they feel the financial pain we do because they refuse to stand up to Koos and Reece?

    Maybe a story???

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  6. Man, I hate defending King Koos, but this “story” is ridiculous.
    That’s an awfully big assumption to make off of a photo. Do a little research and you’ll see Snake Alley is a bike race every Memorial Day weekend in Burlington Iowa. It was cancelled this year. Even if it wasn’t cancelled, it wouldn’t be held until next weekend. That’s an old photo, from last year’s race.
    Josh is a cyclist and longtime acquaintance of the king, probably why he featured him on FB.

    He’s not “some guy,” you’ve likely met him…


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