Is Pritzker making money off COVID?

By:  Diane Benjamin

This story is all over Facebook.  Since all of you aren’t on Facebook, I NEED to post it.

This is just one source reporting, the media might be forced to report:

Illinois: Governor Pritzker backed companies profiting off of COVID-19

Pritzker owns a company that makes and sells tests

Pritzker owns another company that does testing

Pritzker owns another company doing testing billing for doctors

Pritzker owns a company that does digital messaging to COVID patients

There is more – read the link and see the proof,

Does this prove the shutdown has nothing to do with safety.  Pritzker is lining his pockets at your expense.

From the chart below – either

  • democrats are more susceptible to the virus
  • republicans do a better job controlling the virus
  • somebody is lying


by state


19 thoughts on “Is Pritzker making money off COVID?

  1. When asked in a press conference (2:30 propaganda scrum) about his hotels profiting from Chicago using them as temporary treatment sites he responded, “No, it just goes to a trust fund”. No doubt that will be his reponse to this. We aren’t supposed to then ask who eventually benefits from this trust fund.,

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  2. After thinking about the above, it’s kind of a oxymoron that ole JB is in charge of a “trust fund” …
    Kind of like “loaning” your airplane to a kamikaze pilot!

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  3. It just goes to a trust fund??? How stupid does he think we are? Anyone ever saw a trust fund baby brat? These are kids of rich people who have never had to earn anything. They were just born into wealth. His heirs are profiting. Where do I sign up to be an adopted trust fund baby of Pritzger?

    I am sure the Democrats will spin his view of his trust fund heirs making money as something positive for the common poor of Illinois.

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    1. I agree b ut it will take 675,000 signatures to get the ball rolling. Then finding some disgruntled democratic representatives to join in. Unfortunately thieves of a feather flock together.

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  4. With your post of data, suggest adding columns for:
    -total population per state.
    -avg number of people per square mile. (population density)
    -avg number of people infected per square mile.
    -how positive tests are reported (was it through actual testing [avg %accuracy of testing types used] or a doctors diagnosis based on symptoms)


    1. The reason I suggest this is because there is a population density correlation with political leaning (bigger cities tend to lean “blue”). It would be neat to get a similar caparison to mayor’s of cities. There is also a potential of the data not being accurate due to rural areas not having accurate testing capability and testing companies producing a false positives/negatives due to not be well vetted for testing accuracy in real world environments.

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  5. It would be interesting to see how many mayors of states lead by a republican governor are Democrats especially in regard to Covid deaths in this chart. We know that Many larger cities have Democratic mayors and it appears that larger cities appear to have problems.


    1. Democrat policies do cause a lot of problems, but in this case I think the biggest factor by far is simple population density. Cities would likely be hot spots no matter who they elected.


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