Need a reason to never go to downtown Bloomington?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Committee of Whole meeting 5/18

Alderman Mathy doesn’t understand people don’t want to pay for parking.  That is why strip malls and other shopping options are where people go – not downtown.

Mathy has 3 Council initiatives for the Council.  They will vote Yes they want to hear more or NO to shelve it.


ext park

Since Mathy is claiming it won’t cost the City anything, he must think enforcement will pay for itself.  


This one makes me think Mathy will be running for Mayor.  Those who bother to vote are possessed by downtown.  It has new roads, flower beds, and pots and businesses and shoppers still aren’t flocking there.  Downtown focus isn’t a winning strategy next year.  After spending $100,000,000 between the Coliseum, BCPA, streets and flowers and sewers – shouldn’t downtown show a Return on Investment before more money is thrown into a BLACK HOLE(Interest somehow is never included in the total cost)

down task force


Nice idea if there are any businesses left to open.  Since dictator Renner wants to play politics with people’s lives and businesses, many won’t be back.    Representative government doesn’t exist.  Alderman comments aren’t on the agenda.

nice idea

Residents also get to hear about the sewer system.  I wonder if Public Works has found all the parts yet.







7 thoughts on “Need a reason to never go to downtown Bloomington?

  1. Dear Jamie,

    Here are ten things that you should be thinking about instead of this silly stuff:

    1. How many businesses are going to close permanently after the Chinese Communist Party Virus BS is over?

    2. How many jobs are going to be permanently gone after the Chinese Communist Party Virus BS is over?

    3. What will be the drop in our GDP after the Chinese Communist Party Virus BS is over?

    4. Will our population start to decline because of job losses after the Chinese Communist Party Virus BS is over?

    5. Will the Chinese Communist Party Virus BS precipitate an acceleration of the ongoing disruption of State Farm and ISU?

    6. Could the Chinese Communist Party Virus BS start an economic spiral downward here that will be impossible to stop?

    7. How much lower will tax revenues be after the Chinese Communist Party Virus BS is over?

    8. How will lower tax revenues effect the cities budget and services?

    9. Will layoffs and the reduction of city services be necessary after the Chinese Communist Party Virus BS is over?

    10. How much lower will property values be after the Chinese Communist Party Virus BS is over?

    Don’t be a dumb a$$, Jamie!


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  2. GREAT questions TROUBLE2
    And just for the record, does Jamie REALLY think that NEW roads, flower pots and other such “fru-fru” BS will bring people downtown?? If so, he is as delusional as a chameleon in a bowl of skittles!!
    The LAST big thing to BRING people downtown was in June 1900!!

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  3. Hey Jamie? Were you in on this? I mean the Chinese Control-la Virus plan-demic? No? You mean they, your comrades in power didn’t forewarn you as to how this was all going to go down? They didn’t? Gosh man, it really sucks to kinda be left out in the cold on something so big huh? Well I know you just do what you’re told and scraps from the table will be apportioned to you. Yeah man, you’re just doing your job, the one that is of your personal political beliefs which to you supersedes your Oath of Office. Just doing “your” job, not “the” elected job. Okay I get it. It’s not your fault cause big brother knows better and everything will work out. Just a heads up for ya though bro since you obviously got some blinders on. There’s gonna be more nobody warned you incidents coming, from the same people that you adore that shoved this plan-demic down our throats because local politicians like you are so unaware of what the lunatic left will do. Don’t be surprised when those policies comeback and bite you in your rear posterior more blatantly than they do now as the liberty that we are being denied now will get worse unless,,,,,,well you figure it out Jaime. Think you’re being kept in the loop? Lol. Not you, not Renner, not Koos becuase you’re all dispensable lemmings. Face it B-N political bobbleheads, none of you are a part of the billionaires club. You’re straight up being used.

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  4. It’s really difficult for me to see what exactly you’re complaining about.

    Parking is an issue.

    What’s wrong with expanding the library?

    How is extending tax deadlines a bad thing?

    Seems like your grasping for straws and that you just have an agenda against downtown.


  5. #1 – This actually seems sensible if one agrees with the underlying premises. There may be devils in the details that make it a bad idea, but it seems okay at a glance.

    #2 – This sounds benign, but given all the mismanagement that has gone into Both downtowns over the years, this should be presumed a Bad idea unless/until proven to be good. I won’t hold my breath on that.

    #3 – This is a waste of the council’s time! The legally-allowed-for state of emergency ended more than 30 days ago so it’s a moot point. It’s like passing an ordinance allowing any and all private fireworks for the bicentennial! Now if he want to reword it as ‘the end of Dictator Pritsker’s reign’ or ‘the end of martial law’ or ‘the Constitution is reinstated’, then it might make sense…

    …Not that I expect serious discussion from the council on any of the above before they’re passed, probably unanimously…


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