Normal: No right or wrong answers?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The next election can’t come fast enough because all but one of the elected officials are not working for the people in Normal.  Covering last night’s meeting is going to take more than one story.  Start with Trustee comments at the end of the meeting.

Chemberly Cummings lectured the public on wearing masks and not going back to the way things were.

Karin Smith weighed in stating wearing masks has become a political statement.

Scott Preston (Republican) thinks government should keep you safe by controlling re-opening.

Koos sent a letter to the governor asking for his support for the HOI Plan.  If Pritzker doesn’t approve Normal won’t go forward

2:12:10 Lorenz (supposed Republican) claims there is no right or wrong answer.  She thinks the council needs to make a series of decisions concerning public health and economic health.  She must not realize the COUNCIL has made no decisions.  Koos and Reece are making them  She also claimed not opening the pools is an economic decision because they could have spent $1,000,000 to open them and nobody shows up.  She doesn’t realize taking away fun while favoring Uptown proves her allegiance isn’t to citizens.  (The Uptown story in part 2)

1:55:04  Stan Nord, as usual was the only voice of sanity.  He recapped an article stating businesses like distribution centers are re-thinking their plans for large facilities subject to shutdowns.  They will be moving toward smaller centers in areas that aren’t subject to shutdowns instead.  He wants Bloomington-Normal to prove they are business friendly since we are perfectly located.  He warns that operating 30 miles away will happen if both prove to be unfriendly to business.  He mentioned the McLean County Board will be voting on a plan today.  It is possible the rest of the County will open while Bloomington-Normal remains under tyranny.

Here are some facts most of the Trustees are missing:

  • We don’t live in a dictatorship.  Pritzker had 30 days as stated by law and two opinions by former Attorney Generals stating he has no authority after 30 days.
  • Masks aren’t a magic bullet for preventing COVID unless everybody is wearing an N95 mask that is uncomfortable and can make breathing difficult.  The masks people are wearing in public can be more dangerous – not wearing one isn’t political, it’s an informed position.  See NPR:
  • The original shutdown was to “bend the curve”.  The curve got bent so much that hospitals were empty while non-essential procedures were cancelled.  Public health has been put at risk because tests and procedures were delayed.
  • Government is instituted by the people and only receive power from the consent of the governed.  (See the Declaration of Independence)  Business owners at risk of losing what they worked their entire life for are not “consenting”.  The unemployed are not “consenting” to not being able to feed their families and pay their bills.
  • Nowhere is government permitted to “keep people safe”.  If they were the speed limit would be 10 miles an hour, going out after dark would be illegal, and Pritzker wouldn’t be freeing convicted murderers and rapists.
  • Masks aren’t “political”, but the shutdown sure is.

Yes there are Right and Wrong answers.  Your government does not trust you to make informed decisions.  People at risk can stay home.  People too chicken to live free can stay at home.  Quarantining the healthy was a moronic political approach.  The evidence is in Pritzker’s continued tyranny and threats while his family is immune from the orders he gives the rest of us.  He will find out soon this is a bad idea.  Elected officials kissing his feet will face the same backlash.

See all of their comments at 1:44:45

12 thoughts on “Normal: No right or wrong answers?

  1. All of this while the economy of the Town of Normal crashes and burns on the rocks of history?

    We have a ship of fools and morons flapping their self-righteous jaws as they try to out virtue-signal each other…

    Citizens of the Town of Normal…. you are totally screwed… leave if you can.


      1. when smallpox was rampant in the fledgling America,the colonists did not put masks on, did not shut the world down.They put the sick in quarantine so the well could continue to live, work and thrive.

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      2. Tom. you are incorrect in your evaluation. In McLean County, the number of positive tests (the person has a virus present) related to the total number of tests is actually small. The recent spike in positives is directly related to 36 people from a single nursing home on South Main St. in Bloomington.

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  2. “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Obviously a quote from the Declaration of Independence, something that is NOT appreciated by the the majority of the B-N council members, the mayors, or let alone the mayor Renner professor of political science. Are they just stupid in an ignorant sort of a way or outright traitors?

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  3. You gotta love Stan. Some of us are putting together a nonpartisan group to run for normal council that will work with Stan. Let us know if you are interested.

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