Pritzker folds

The Illinois department of Public Health repealed Pritzker’s Emergency Rule today.

See the SHORT video on the Edgar County Watchdogs website:

Other media sources are reporting the members were deluged with angry calls and emails from citizens.  This repeals the fine and jail time for not obeying the king.  The meeting start time was delayed for 3 hours.

The State Police issued a statement yesterday saying they aren’t going to arrest anyone.

In Leroy:

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22 thoughts on “Pritzker folds

  1. What is troubling about this to me is that the IDPH made this decision. It was not the result of a vote from the JCAR. While it’s an outcome that I prefer, it got Democrats on the committee off the hook for having to take a stand against Pritzker. This shows whose running this state. It’s not our state representatives representing their people. It’s a governor who chooses to act unilaterally and the bureaucratic state (what I call the fourth branch of government) who does the governor’s bidding. Add to this Mike Madigan who controls the agenda in the state house. State representatives in this state are more or less worthless, never making the important decisions they need to be making and never being held accountable.

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      1. Do we need to wear face masks? Are we free now from the tyrant? Stores will be open? Curb side pick up at Michael’s, etc is over?
        What are the guidelines? I know state parks are open, outside seating only at restaurants (not a huge concession, as not many restaurants have outdoor seating).
        I am very happy that we have positive movement!
        Thank you for all you do!

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  2. Roy Wraps at at Central Image Wraps had the signs available on April 30 and posted this ad on News Happening…
    18 x 24″ yard sign…INCLUDES A YARD STAKE… only $20 BUX!
    Hit us up if you want to help send Pritzker a message by placing one of these in front of your business or home!
    Just shoot an email to: [email protected] to order yours today!

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  3. I for one am celebrating today. A win is a win. First, the Illinois State Police standing up to Pritzker is huge. Second, the fact that six Democrats on the committee were willing to stand up to Pritzker is also huge. Cheers!

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      1. That would be my guess. I think they also hope that these changes will calm the seas to the point they don’t have to address too much in session. Again if they vote on these issues a lot of small businesses and friends might not forget on 11/3. So….don’t let up!!!

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      2. Nobody in the state legislature stood up to Pritzker today. The house committee didn’t vote and therefore there’s no accountability. This is nothing more than a diversionary tactic. Just more inaction down in Springfield to major problems facing our state. All the reps on this committee abandoned their responsibilities to the IDPH. Why even have a state legislature?

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  4. Of course Dan Brady voted to kick him out. Dan is a Democrat, all of the Democrats back Pritzker.

    No one who has seen Dan’s voting thinks he is a Republican.

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    1. Dan Brady needs a mask for when he’s less than 6 feet away from Mike Madigan which is the whole time he’s in Springfield. I don’t think Dan’s ever been within 10 feet of Darren Bailey.

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  5. Prickster repealed it and turned it over to his wife Madigan. Madigan will then push the marshal law back on the citizens so it will be “official” law. Just a matter of time folks before we are right back where we started: imprisoned !


  6. Koos and Renner have already said they will not defy Pritzker. Koos signed an order for Normal Police to enforce Pritzker’s order. The councils are filled with Pritzker loyalists so no help there.

    Who we vote into office matters. Remember this come the next election

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