What the Media Did Shocked Us!

By Editor-in-Chief on December 22, 2012

Although we expected the liberal media to be in the tank for Barack Obama and his fellow liberals during the election, even ICE News was shocked by the blatant, over-the-top leftist bias of the press.

flagastatueThink about it! Think about the “critical issues” the liberal media elites tried to make this election about. They deliberately failed to report on America’s out-of-control debt, Obamacare’s trampling of the Constitution and religious liberties, sky-high gasoline prices, massive unemployment, the still-fragile housing market and the overall economy, the Middle East that is about to explode, or rampant illegal immigration.

Instead, the liberal elites in the media championed false narratives like “contraception rights,” “income inequality,” “the plight of the 99 percent,” and forcing the successful to pay their “fair share.” The liberal media manufactured these “issues” in an effort to distract the voters from the failed policies of Washington.

The liberal media are on a mission to divide and conquer conservatives through their steady drumbeat of anti-religion socialist ideology and their journalistic dishonesty. People of all religious persuasions must stand together and fight against the steady erosion of our religious and civic rights.

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