Halesville and his Arrogancey, Mayor Gottstocks

by: Stanley Wonders

A committee, is a culde sac down which you drag an idea where it is quietly strangled at the end.

Yet here in Halesville, City Council committees are proposed – no, I think, commanded is a better word – by his Arrogancey, Mayor Gottstocks.

Even so far beneath the radar screen, the a fore mentioned Mayor announced his plans during “alderman’s discussion” at a City Council meeting.  Bet you didn’t see that reported in The Paraphrase.

Inquiring council members Purcell, Stearns, and Fruin (yes Fruin!) asked, What problem are we solving here?  But that was for His Arrogancey alone to know.

“Are we still trying to shorten the marathon late night meetings?” asked the pesky Stearns, again refusing her Kool Aid.   Yet, only silence echoed in the Hallowed Hall.  “Just try it”, insisted Mayor Gottstocks.  “Just for a little while.”

“Okay” said Stearns, “and if we try it, how will we know if it succeeds?  Furthermore, are we changing our ordinance to formalize committees and provide rules?”  When will the woman learn to shut up and rubber stamp SOMETHING?

Well, inquiring minds do wonder how the committees idea sprung forth in the Mayors so-called mind and for what purpose?  What method in the muddled madness?  Purcell, Stearns, and Fruin want answers just as people in the hall want . .  oh, you know.

And since no real cold water was tossed on his Arrogancy’s idea, the next push was for the non-essential nine to pick your committee – public safety, finance, economic development? decisions, decisions.  Vanilla or Strawberry?  Never yes or no, that could force a commitment.

So, committees it appears is the culde sac we are headed down, that and the Merry Mayor and the silence of his lambs – all six of them – yes that’s a majority.  And then we can make decisions with JUST three of them to fall in line.  And, if you want your elected rep to represent your positions – but he isn’t on that committee, well what ya gonna do?

Now we can tie everything up in a neat little package and present it to you the taxpayer without benefit of representation.   Democracy is far too “messy”.  Can anyone say Divide and Conquer?

2 thoughts on “Halesville and his Arrogancey, Mayor Gottstocks

  1. Well if Hanson is elected Mayor, throw in a good dose of malaise to go with your culde sac committees ! Our city really WILL be Halesville with a Capt. Queeg-like Hanson’s flacid hand on the rudder.

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