The Fly – McDade Opens meeting Act?

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Funny how the City of Bloomington has 2 Open Meetings Act violations pending against them, but Jennifer McDade (City Council member) doesn’t seem too worried.

Jennifer was so not worried, she filed one of her own against the Bloomington Election Commission.  How much is a lawyer costing Jennifer, for a job that pays $5000?  Is the City going to be forced to pay a lawyer for you?  Is the Pantagraph going to ask?

Why did you work so hard to keep the elected Judy Stearns off the council, but don’t think you have any responsibility to properly file petitions?


One thought on “The Fly – McDade Opens meeting Act?

  1. Where was Jennifer’s thought process when she made this comment? “Today we question not only the decision to take the choice away from voters, but we question the very manner in which business was conducted,” McDade said. “It’s very concerning to me that a decision to take a candidate off a ballot, something of that great magnitude would be done without regard for fundamental principals that guide public process.” Answer,,,to single out her issue while completely ignoring and trampling on the people’s right of choice to seat Judy when she was duly elected. As most readers here already know, Stearn’s issue had absolutely nothing to do with the election process but McDade did not want her seated. Bad move on McDade’s part here.

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