Cheers to the Pantagraph

by:  Diane Benjamin

Not sure that’s ever been the headline before, but once again the Pantagraph revealed their liberal leftist agenda.  They get credit for sticking to their principles so nobody gets confused.  In today’s paper, they cheered the publishing of gun owners names and addresses in the NY newspaper.  They believe Illinois should give them the ability to print names too.

The Pantagraph fails to investigate and print actual stories of local government incompetence, so I can see why they would want to take the easy route and just print the names of lawful gun owners.  Fills up the dwindling pages nicely.

They should have jeered the NY newspaper, now the criminals know which houses to avoid.

If there are armed home invasions in the reported area, will the homeowners sue because they were exposed as not having the ability to defend themselves?  Sure you want to print the gun owners names Pantagraph?

One thought on “Cheers to the Pantagraph

  1. Wow….are we really at that point….publishing names and addresses gun owners. I better go out this afternoon and load up while I can.

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