Jeers to the Pantagraph and Bill Flick

by Diane Benjamin

In today’s paper the Pantagraph Editorial staff attempted to make Rep Louie Gohmert of Texas into a villain for his stance on guns.

I know Representative Gohmert personally.  He conducted a private tour of the Capital Building in Washington DC where he gave our small group endless details on the history and events of this beautiful building.  I also talked personally with him early that day.

Rep Gohmert is a former Texas judge.  He ran for Congress because he was tired of enforcing poorly written laws and laws that created more problems than solutions.  He went to Washington as a Patriot to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States.  That can’t be said about everybody there as evidenced by the political games being played today on both sides.

Does the Pantagraph know the theater shooter in Colorado picked the one theater with a sign posted that no guns were allowed?  Concealed carry is legal in Colorado.

Does the Pantagraph believe there isn’t just plain EVIL in this world?

Does the Pantagraph believe banks, politicians, and public figures have the right to defend themselves with guns, but ordinary people don’t?

Does the Pantagraph believe school officials don’t have that same right?

The Pantagragh probably doesn’t know there are school districts in Texas were teachers do carry guns:  NOTHING protects children more than the presence of an armed adult trained and willing to shoot back.  Texas mandates extensive training and there has never been a gun accident.

The Panatgraph obviously lives in la-la land where depriving law abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights is magically going to eliminate evil.  What are you prepared to do if some crazed individual storms through your doors?  Duck behind a desk?  Good luck with that!

You owe the Honorable Louie Gohmert a BIG apology.  Your lack of defense for the Constitution is astonishing.

I have to add Jeers to Bill Flick for reporting today “the economy is in a nice recovery”.  Bill, I know it’s difficult for the un-informed to understand that the only recovery is because of the government’s massive over-spending.  Instead of allowing the economy to re-set on it’s own, which it always does, the Feds are spending us into oblivion while the Federal Reserve prints money making the dollar worth less and less.  When the government is done  burying our children in debt, the economy will collapse and we will be in even worse shape.  Why do you think there is a TEA Party?  Have you seen Greece?

Bill, otherwise you are most entertaining!  Stay away from politics.

4 thoughts on “Jeers to the Pantagraph and Bill Flick

  1. Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels’ famous quote something like “If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes truth.” is the mantra that makes the Panti-waiste tic. It’s hoe they operate. It’s why their readership has taken a dramatic fall over the years. The people aren’t so dumb after all. The P-graph sucks!

  2. In regard to the last paragraph speaking of printing money and making the dollar worth less. A lot of times, it is overlooked that the more money that is printed, the less the dollars that YOU as a saver have put away, are worth. In essence, the government don’t have to go into the bank and rob it. They can just take it from you by printing more money.

  3. Thanks for the kind words … at the end here, Diane. I enjoy reading of your rabble-rousing.

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