Is it up to Tari, Media, or you?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph and WJBC are in full MOVE ON mode.  Tari’s forced apology is their evidence for burying the controversy.  Alderman Scott Black wants nothing more than to forget his mentor’s foul mouth.

Who says they get to decide Tari’s fate?  I’ve received a ton of comments and emails from citizens either wanting Tari gone or censured by the Council.

Tari is the leader of Bloomington.  The story has now gone State-wide.  How is Bloomington viewed by businesses thinking of locating here?  Tari claims he is talking to people wanting to develop downtown.  Are they now fleeing the venomous Bloomington Mayor?

Here’s what is being said north of us:

From Chicago:

Also from Chicago area:

The story now has nothing to do with me – it never did.  Blaming the victim of his vicious attack is like blaming a rape victim for what she was wearing.   Tari has disgraced Bloomington and Illinois Wesleyan University.  He has made Not In Our Town a joke.  He is unfit for leadership

Is denigrating Christians and cancer patients because he can’t stand political opposition acceptable?  More than once Tari has decried Washington politics and stated it has no place in Bloomington.  In other words, “Sit Down and Shut Up”.  Even DC doesn’t use the vile language Tari did.  Guttural politics have been practiced by Tari on numerous occasions.  His actions will continue if there are no penalties for doing so.

I’ve received feedback from citizens who have contacted their alderman and NOT received a response.  I’ve stated many times the 7 potted plants aren’t on the Council to represent you.  Start sending comments to the entire Council.  Many of them signed the Not In Our Town pledge.  They wanted mega alderman when they tried to pass Modified Wards.  Let them see what it feels like to respond to all citizens:  [email protected]

The Committee of the Whole meeting scheduled for Tuesday has been cancelled (I wonder why?).  The next Council meeting is 2/23 at 7:00.  Citizens should pack the Council chambers and demand answers.  Sign up for public comment, make your voice heard.







16 thoughts on “Is it up to Tari, Media, or you?

  1. Yes Mayor Renner decries bringing national politics to the local level but yet he is the one doing it. First, he has advocated at council meetings and signed a petition in support of the infamous “Net Neutrality.” Second. He 100% signed on to President Obama’s climate change project which urges the President to bypass Congress and try to put the coal plants out of business. Third, Mayor Renner in my opinion is totally in support of Sustainable Development which was developed in 1987 by former vice chair of the world socialist party Gro Harlem Bruntland and her commission’s report “Our Common Future.” Sustainable development was injected into the federal government and passed down to the local level thru regional planning commissions via executive order by former President Clinton. Fourth, Mayor Renner said the discussion of gay marriage has no place at the local level. Yet as Mayor he signed a petition in support of it if I recall correctly. Fifth, the Mayor says things at the national level has no place here. Yet every year city and county officials journey to DC as part of “One Voice” to beg congressman and cabinet officials for grants even though our debt is now 18 trillion dollars.

  2. Diane, in a month no one will care about this any more. Tari will still be the mayor of Bloomington and a Professor at IWU and you will still be a professional victim and a ne’er-do-well writing gossip columns. As a god-fearing Christian, you disgust me for the fact that you are still taking shots after Tari called you and apologized. A good Christian like me, would’ve accepted the man’s apology and moved on. You are just trying to milk this story as long as possible so you can scam people into paying you for this piece of crap blog you have here.

    1. King George probably thought the same thing about Samual Adams a decade before the Revolutionary War when he was writing articles in Boston newspapers attacking the King.

    2. Born Again, Tari’s apology was a well orchestrated event as certain media outlets knew about it as it was happening and there is no doubt in many peoples minds, public forced him to make a hollow apology. Second, he still needs to be held accountable even though he apologized. A mere apology doesn’t get him off the hook. Third, there are still issues that need to be resolved that are related to his outburst. His continuous attacks on Ald. Stearns have to stop. He needs to be OPEN and I MEAN OPEN to COST REDUCTIONS in the upcoming budget. Real open and public discourse must occur and all ideas must be on the table. Fourth, He must stop using his students at ISU to do his bidding for him at public Comment time at Council Meetings. It’s unseemly and unprofessional. Also, he should not charge the taxpayers for meals with these kids either. Fifth, Speaking of meals, the Mayor get’s paid to be Mayor. Now it’s not much, but he knew the stipend when he ran for office. Now ,we know the Mayor doesn’t like his office and he takes important people to Mayor Koos office because it looks better. He said so last Council Meeting. Well here’s my message to the Mayor,” Buy your own damn lunch/dinner unless your courting a business to move Bloomington! Why should we pay for your lunches/dinners with those Alderman you like and your friends? I know why you do, because you do it to circumvent the Open Meeting Act and you conspire with those Aldermen/Alderwomen friendly to you. Why must we pay for meals for you and David Hales to meet? Why don’t you meet in David’s office. No company would put up with this type of abuse of spending, and Mayor, you and Hales have abused it atrociously. Rumor has that David’s secretary sets his plate (china and silver) on his desk and makes his lunch everyday, so have her set an extra plate for you too. The same goes for the Department Heads and their P-Card purchases. Rein in the spending Mayor!! Now as for your office-tough! If you don’t like your furnishings, move to Normal and run against Koos. He has a better office. Your a part time Mayor. Not a fortune 100 CEO. ” Last, Mayor be humble. Born Again, wise up!

      1. Kevin, you’re the same person that said if the Mayor grew a mustache, that there’d be no difference between him and Hitler. You seriously compared Tari to an evil dictator who murdered millions of innocent civilians. I can’t take a single thing you say seriously.

  3. What I want to know is, will professor mayor transparent Tari by paying back the City of Bloomington for the use of the new propaganda minister (who isn’t needed) for handling his out of control rant? As he stated, he posted his rant on his computer, using his own account on his time. There were not city or UIW assets used in his rant. Now after the rant, he is using Bloomington assets to help manage his apology. He is using the new propaganda minister. Is he going to pay the city back for her use (ie the tax payers) or is he just going to let us eat the cost, like he lets us to eat the cost when he feeds himself at Rosie’s and other places on our dime?

  4. Born Again, get a grip! Tari has some of Hitler qualities, not all of them but some of them! You’re a good Christian are ye? Well have you forgot, “Judge not lest you be judged?” Also, I think it’s up to the Lord to decide who is a good Christian or not, it’s certainly not you moron.

    1. How are you going to call me a moron when you think anyone who doesn’t concur with you is equivalent to Hitler? Your level or thought and intellect is subjacent to a typical third grader. I’m going go out on a limb and guess that you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree. That’s probably the reason for your hate against Mayor Renner who is a fantastic professor at Illinois Wesleyan University. (Just look at his ratings on if you don’t believe me)

      1. Born Again,,,this is not going to look very good on your resume when the dude really loses it. Someone who has a bad habit of berating women,,,is something that you are proud of? Nobody here hates the mayor, we just realize that the man is out of control and should step down as a representative of this city and get some rehab.

      1. I would suggest that you hold the mayor accountable for his actions. “His Honor” has not acted honorably. By anyones standards his post was deplorable. I suggest you demand that the city council vote to insist that the mayor make a sincere public apology to Diane Benjamin. I would also suggest that you tell the city council to CENSURE the mayor for his behavior. It’s too late to help that man, but being chastised may do the mayor some good. His sin is Pride. A little humility will do him well. Maybe?

  5. Born again, let me guess, you’re daddy must of told you that one day you would grow up to be an important person, and you actually believed him! I think you don’t have an Associates Degree moron, because I only equivalated some of Renner’s attributes with Hitler, not everybody I disagree with!!! Can’t you read? Obviously you know nothing of Hitler’s personality, otherwise you would know Tari and Adolf have some of the same personality traits and characteristics in common. I wouldn’t call Renner a fantastic professor. Students have commented on their reviews that he swears in class, he jumps on desks and rants, he says vile things about conservatives, he goes off on wild tangents, coeds call him Professor PILF, he’s obnoxious…. Now if you want your son or daughter to be a far left wing tax and spend pro abortion pro gay marriage socialist, then I guess he might be the right professor. But I think perhaps “born again” you need to back up some, Everyone has a right to be stupid you know. You are just abusing the privilege !!!! By the way, how much extra credit is Tari giving for these posts?

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