Freedom of Speech matters, just not to Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

The venomous comments made by Tari Renner on my website have nothing to do with our dislike for each other.  His comments were meant to silence political opposition – Freedom of Speech!

I was merely Tari’s latest victim.  He claims I and people who agree with me launch savage attacks on him.  Evidently the professor doesn’t know what savage means:

verb (used with object), savaged, savaging.
– to assault and maul by biting, rending, goring, etc.; tear at or mutilate:
– to attack or criticize thoroughly or remorselessly; excoriate:

Where are these savage attacks Tari?  Have you ever heard of journalism?  I realize you aren’t used to it since the Pantagraph and WJBC don’t excercise it, but I post video, links, and analysis in stories.  I’ve told you before to email or comment to me if you don’t agree.  Post your own documentation.  Instead you launch tirades befitting a petulant child.


Tari is not above lying when it suits his purpose.  He has provided no proof to support his accusations:  See this email exchange from Christmas Day:

Tari regularly attempts to villianize Alderwoman Stearns.  Here’s one example:

Below is another example of Tari’s lies – 5/7/2014:

Another Renner email calling me names – 5/6/2014:

See this post showing other comments by Renner:

Another attack by Tari that was read all over the state:

These are just a few instances of Renner exhibiting behavior unbecoming a mayor.  Attempting to silence anybody who doesn’t agree with him IS Renner.  The vile comments he posted on my site are just the latest in a long string of personal attacks.  Local media have tried to declare a war between us.  It’s really a war on free speech and anybody with a different opinion.

Bill Flick:  Cute story today, but you missed the point.  Next week write about Renner going against the will of the people with his plans for downtown.  Write about the citizens telling him Needs before Wants in citizen summits and surveys.  Write about how the roads are disgusting and dangerous, but fixing them is a low priority because Quality of Life spending takes priority.  How many businesses will not locate in Bloomington because of the roads?

Then sit back and wait Bill.  You too can be a target of his foul mouth and ugly comments.  You played the Pantagraph talking points well.  Media doesn’t want the facts presented, the script now is a war between us.  Renner’s apology was staged – badly – but staged none the less.  Maybe you should re-read his original comment.  Remember, the below was in Comments to a story – not a story.  If Renner sees an attack on his son, he should first get an eye exam and then resign for abuse of power, behavior unbecoming a mayor, and publicly humiliating the taxpayers of Bloomington.  Think the citizens will be talking about the great Mayor they have?

Re-Read the facts Bill (assuming you read them the first time).  Next week include how you feel about his comments.  There is no back story, no front story, only the below unprovoked attack.  Maybe you too can be a victim of a free speech attack.  If Tari stays in office, he will do it again and again and again because that’s who Tari is.  Since the City pays the Pantagraph a lot of money for advertising, I don’t expect to see you try it.  (PS: Where else is the City going to advertise?  Why is the Pantagraph in their pocket?)

I wrote this story:  
Look at the comments to the story:
RealConservative says:
I’m as conservative as they come, but why are you coming at a college kid and his girlfriend? Seems kind of creepy that you’ve been posting their twitter statuses. Even the NSA doesn’t do that.
  • Proves the relationship. I could go farther. Renner’s son is his Facebook friend, not surprising since it’s a small school. Twitter feeds aren’t private information unless you want them to be. I’m sure your comments just got added to the NSA big book. Creepy?
NO! Diane! It shows what an ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL PIECE OF GARBAGE you are -actually worse because garbage can be converted into something useful – you are a TOTAL ABSOLUTE HUMAN CANCER! PLEASE quote me on that! I haven’ checked this site in ages because it’s mostly crazy bullshit -to be charitable! But, WHEN YOU ATTACK MY SON YOU ARE GOING TO PAY THE PRICE YOU SICK DIRTY SLIMY IGNORANT FOOL! And, frankly, that’s raising you to a level you ABSOLUTELY don’t deserve!
Nothing you ever report on this site makes any sense because I will give people anything they want to know about their government. Diane you REALLY are the craziest human being I”ve ever known. This WILL be my last post on this sick site of the worst part of humanity! The fact that some of you still think you’re Christians is PATHETIC! There is a special place in hell for you!

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