Contempt of court now too Bloomington? Update

Tuesday = still in not complying with a court order

By:  Diane Benjamin

The last court date in my lawsuit against the City of Bloomington was January 28, 2015.  At that time, Judge Foley ruled that some information withheld by the City was illegally redacted.

She gave the City 2 weeks to forward the information to me.

I’m still waiting.

I guess rules, laws, and court orders only apply to peons – never government!

Is this one your “savage” attacks Tari?  You keep telling people that I “savage” people, I’m still waiting for your proof.




4 thoughts on “Contempt of court now too Bloomington? Update

  1. A bit off-topic – visited this site for the first time due to the reporting about Teri’s attack in the news to learn a bit more about the story. The attack was certainly in poor taste and unprofessional, but after browsing the site a bit it’s at least a bit more understandable. You seem to believe some… interesting things, and have an unhealthy fixation on the mayor.


    1. It’s called reporting. He is governing against the wishes of citizens with his fixation on downtown. He passed numerous tax increases last year. Garbage fees are up for vote again because of the City’s incompetence. If reporting on bad government is a crime – guilty as charged. In case you missed the post on Normal, I rarely report on their antics because the citizens are not actively involved in standing up for themselves. In Bloomington they are. I just provide information for them to use.


    2. “,,,an unhealthy fixation on the mayor?” I think she has a fixation on bad government. I think “SayWhat” that you are very uniformed about the realities of what goes on.


      1. I’m guessing ‘SayWhat” is ‘his Honors’ waiter at Rosies (You know…where Mayor ‘Triple Tax’ stuffs his face for lunch on OUR dime using his P Card eight times a month)

        How’s THAT for ‘interesting things’?


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