Not In Our Town? Attacks not new

By:  Diane Benjamin

A citizen saw what was coming way back last October.  He sent this video of his comments to me.

Bruce Meeks Not In Our Town

The Pledge:


 From the City of Bloomington website:


5 thoughts on “Not In Our Town? Attacks not new

  1. From the WJBC website about the Friday city council meeting –
    “According to the agenda, Renner is expected to address the council after the council takes any action.”

    Suppose he will resign?


  2. “Suppose he will resign?”

    If he does, Bloomington-Normal’s “Looney Left” will try to make him their biggest martyr since Salvadore Allende. (Someone who, along with Che Guevara, Tari Renner greatly admires, BTW.)


  3. I am so sick of photo ops and selfies although in the last two cases (Renner and Obama) they speak volumes about self promotion or are they taking cues from the Kardashians


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