Council: Suffering from “Group Think”

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Council did nothing to hold Tari Renner accountable when he attacked me in December of 2013:

The Council did nothing to hold Tari Renner accountable when he attacked Alderwoman Stearns in April 2014 in an open session meeting.  Watch the video, Council members had to intervene to stop his attack:


Add in email attacks and Renner’s calling people “off their meds” only because people oppose his agenda, it’s obvious this Mayor is unfit for leadership of Bloomington.  Details:

Is the Council going to do anything this time?  Is a meaningless censure enough?  Will a censure change his behavior?

Alderman Scott Black is already on the record saying “Move On”.  Alderwomen Painter and Hauman were appointed by Renner.

Almost every vote the Council takes is 7-2.  The seven may lament spending during discussion, but them vote YES anyway.  Three of the seven do not have loyalties to the people who elected them, but to Renner.

What about the other 4?  Are they going to listen to the people who elected them, or plot together so they all have the same talking points?  Their pattern has been “group think” – we all have to agree.  Since 3 will never demand that Renner quits, what do you think the result will be?

Renner’s history shows that his vile behavior will continue.  If they don’t do the right thing, there is an easy fix.  City elections are in April – throw Schmidt, Painter, and Hauman from office.

There is no reason why sane elected officials can’t discuss issues facing the City without name calling and verbal attacks on anybody opposing tax increases and supporting cuts.  As long as Renner is Mayor, that’s not going to happen Bloomington.

Re-read Renner’s comments on my site, ask yourself if this man should remain the face of Bloomington:



One thought on “Council: Suffering from “Group Think”

  1. @4:09 Renner says, “,,,if something were outrageous that I think would have harmed my community, I am going to speak out about it,,,” So tear up your NIOT pledge card Mr. worst mayor ever and #1 hypocrite, geesh!


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