Bloomington: Budget is on the agenda for tomorrow night

By:  Diane Benjamin

Nothing has been disclosed yet, but I guarantee the proposed budget will increase at least 2%.  Tari has mentioned numerous times that costs are up 2%, so in his mind he has no other choice but to increase the budget.

Meanwhile, median income per household in the country has been decreasing for years.  Citizens are turning down the thermostat, cutting cable, disconnecting their home phone, cutting insurance coverage, etc etc etc just to make ends meet.  Government thinks they are entitled to your money, so they will just take more.  Remember, you got 3 new taxes last year.  Government already decreased the amount of money YOU have left to spend as YOU see fit, expect more of the same.

Note:  Alderman Schmidt and Painter – who are up for election in April – votes for all 3 tax increases.  Keep that in mind when you vote this year.

General Fund spending has increased $23,000,000 in just 5 years.  Details here:

Last year the initial budget proposal was huge.  It was then cut back allowing Tari to claim he cut the budget.  He will claim it was David Hales’ budget and he is appalled.  Don’t fall for it again this year.

Much more is on the agenda, I will be writing about it tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Bloomington: Budget is on the agenda for tomorrow night

  1. Diane, I want to add another area where people are taking a hit. Obamacare is hurting people two ways, increased premiums and increased deductible. My wife was in the hospital twice last year and our out of pocket was almost $4,000.00. The city wants more, the state wants more, and of course Obama wants more. Its like no one ever heard of cutting costs…. until Rauner.


  2. Can you please insure that I will keep getting immediate updates? I think I may have clicked the wrong button and deleted by e-mail. I do wish to remain on the list to get immediate updates. Thank you.


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