Bloomington: Roads are no priority!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Book 1 of the Bloomington Budget has some conflicting information for proposed spending on roads:

The Motor Fuel Tax receipts from the new tax last year was supposed to be spent on roads.

According to this page – only $2,000,000 is in the budget for road repairs (Page 289).  Last year $9,330,000 was spent.


5 thoughts on “Bloomington: Roads are no priority!

  1. Every candidate for every election for years including the election this spring have all said fixing the roads was the number one priority. Yet the roads are not fixed. The majority simply say this to get elected because they know that’s what the people desire. Once elected most in the speed of light forget about the roads, the people and focus on the wants of special interests.


  2. Welcome to historic downtown Bloomington where the roads are so old to get there that you might turn around and bypass the whole damned crumbling city.


    1. That’s probably why they want to spend a couple of million on lighting…to help us see the potholes.

      lulz…government – always looking out for us (bless their thieving little hearts)


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