UPDATE: Monday night – what you won’t see

This part of the meeting is live-streamed.  Smartest thing I’ve heard is a court should decide on any changes to the trust administration.  Archived video will be available sometime after the meeting.

UPDATE below

By:  Diane Benjamin

At the 5:00 meeting tonight this item is on the agenda:

ScotttrInstead of putting this item before an Executive Session, it’s after.  This meeting opens with public comment followed by approval of the last meeting’s minutes.  Then, instead of this discussion, everybody is kicked out so they can hold their secret meeting.  The J.M. Scott discussion is whenever they finish a scheduled 40 minute private talk.  Are they hoping nobody sticks around?

This trust was established many years ago to help poor people with access to healthcare.  The documentation claims that since Obamacare (ACA) was enacted, fewer services are needed.  See this link page 10:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=11077

A couple of points:

  • Obamacare is failing as it was intended to do.  The goal was always single payer healthcare where government decides what services you get and when.
  • Funding for State Medicaid programs from the Federal government are declining.  Illinois won’t be able to cover all the people now in their program.
  • The November election may totally change healthcare and ObamaCare.

I believe the purpose of this discussion is to open discussions for transferring the remaining assets to local mental health care.  Your Sales Tax was already increased for mental health without solid plans for anything more than throwing money to organizations who may have answers.

This is big government unable to solve problems they created.  The terrible economy with little growth and opportunity leads to more mental health issues.  Add HIPPA laws that prevent friends and relatives from working with doctors to detect and treat issues, we are seeing the perfect storm for treatment to be delayed until after a tragedy or violent act occurs.  No amount of money will fix these issues.

Hopefully the Council can read between the lines.  Nothing makes the agenda without motives.

On a side note, part of the Executive Session is to discuss releasing old minutes.  If you are thinking of running for Council, maybe this will push you:  This Council is still holding minutes from former City Manager Tom Hamilton’s reviews.  Some don’t want you to know what they said.  All it takes is 5 votes to release everything, that means replacing the current placeholders.  So far, only Joni Painter has an opponent.

In case you don’t think the Scott Trust is a BIG deal:








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  1. This session is not video taped, correct? There is no packet information as to the 2 visions that are to be presented to the Council for discussion. How could any citizen make an intelligent or informed comment without such knowledge?

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