NOW: Tonight’s meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph has been running this ad on Facebook:

pantagI will wait for you to stop laughing!

waiting . . . waiting . . .

Today an entire article is devoted to praising the City of Bloomington’s for closing last year under budget.

Some things they meant to mislead you about:


Start on page 572

  • Every document in the Council packet is marked UNAUDITED.  The audited financial statements are due in September, why are un-audited statements being discussed now?
  • The final paragraph finally states that pension funding was cut because Tari’s plan was un-affordable.  Tari mentions his award, the Pantagraph didn’t ask if he had to give it back when funding was cut.
  • Tari claims the surplus isn’t phony and no cans are being kicked down the road.  Oops, the Pantagraph forgot to ask about all the unfunded liabilities, especially deferred maintenance.
  • Hales claims the solid waste crews were reduced from 3 to 2.  Isn’t that why the City bought new trucks and toters?  Why does it still take two guys if everything is automatic?  Pantagraph?  Forgot to ask that one?
  • It looks like the article was edited.  Somebody with a PRINT copy please check it for me.  I remember seeing a comment from Hales stating the previous budget was UN-sustainable because they couldn’t hire anybody.  Gee David, the population can’t afford things too – especially with all your tax increases!
  • Did the Pantagraph bother checking the budget figures?  Were they inflated so Tari could gloat about being under budget.  Gee, I think I heard he’s announcing his reelection soon.  I bet he mentions everything in the story.  Is this phony campaign fodder by the clowns advertising they expose corrupt politicians?  I report – you decide!

Also on the agenda:

  1.  Rejecting Giebelhausen’s latest downtown plan.  Why it needs another rejection is beyond me.
  2. Yeah!  Complete Streets is back.  Every road will try to incorporate new sidewalks, bike lanes, and finally new payment.  Costs will skyrocket while fewer roads finally get repaired.  Money is no object to progressive politicians.  Your utopias awaits – just fork over more bucks.  You aren’t governed locally anymore, the Feds and State are handing out directives.  Of course, a few bucks will be attached to ensure compliance.  See page 519 of the link above.  The packet is really big for this meeting because every source they could find extolling “Complete Streets” is included.  It doesn’t matter that a TINY percentage of citizens will use biking for transportation.
  3. KMA Design will be hired for Wayfinding and Branding downtown.  Cost:  Not to exceed $51,825 except for a 20% contingency which would make the cost $62,190.  See page 398.  They could have just said signs.
  4. A Downtown TIF (Tax increment Finance) is also on the agenda.  The Huffs got in way over their heads with the last TIF, so this one bails them out if a developer can be found and the Council is willing to gamble future tax receipts against the bond expense.  See page 313 and following.  Pages 395-396 list the property owners – mostly Huff’s.  This is the proposed TIF area:tifa

I find it funny that sometimes government goes after people who don’t maintain their property.  Other times they create subsidies.

Also included are needed repairs to the sewer and water systems.  Add that cost to what the TIF would have to generate to pay for everything.

Of course, the Coliseum is right across the street.  It only needed a subsidy of $550,344 last year according to page 600.  Utopia is once again right around the corner.

5.  Finally, no City Council meeting would be complete without hiring yet another consultant.  This one is only $125,000.  The City wants a comprehensive zoning ordinance.  Form Based Code returns, just under another name.




One thought on “NOW: Tonight’s meeting

  1. “This isn’t a phony surplus,” said Mayor Tari Renner.”

    Any time a lib says this, you know the opposite is true, just like his stated transparency.

    And, the Complete Streets would be fine if they would just eliminate the bike lanes. Reference Jersey Avenue…

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