UPDATE: Useless wind

The wind turbines are all dead again!  No wind, no electricity.

I could post another 18 second video, but it would look the same as the one below.


By:  Diane Benjamin

Did you know wind energy doesn’t work when there is NO wind?

Bet you can’t wait for the Clinton Nuclear Power Plant to close!

McLean County obviously needs more of these.

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Useless wind

  1. Wind is fine, so long as it remains a small proportion of your power generation infrastructure. Everything else is currently designed to handle the reasonably minor changes in generation from wind. (Easy to do when it’s ~2.5% of power generation, at most.)

    As for Clinton, while I love nuclear power, Exelon lies to get whatever they want, and Clinton in particular was an extremely poorly designed operation. With only one reactor, they’re extremely inefficient compared to multi-reactor designs. Even Exelon acknwoledges that. Clinton probably should shut down. Instead, we should be encouraging the building of more efficient plants with newer, safer reactor designs. Continuing to fund the old ones just means higher electricity rates.

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