UPDATE:   Another agenda for a 5:00 meeting was posted sometime yesterday.  Releasing the transcript may be approved then.



By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night will make the SEVENTH Council Meeting since the Attorney General requested release of the transcript and audio from the illegal Executive Session (Secret meeting) that violated the Open Meetings Act.

I was promised (by a normally reliable source) approval would be on the agenda for Monday night.  See this story:   https://blnnews.com/2016/08/06/next-lawsuit/

The meeting was held more than two years ago.  David Hales is on his way out.  Instead of wasting time redacting information (only because they want to hide what was said), they should release the entire audio and transcript.

The only secret information on the tape is how Hales and Renner feel about City employees.

This will be  campaign issue for Tari Renner, Scott Black, Joni Painter, Jim Fruin, Mboka Mwilambwe, and Kevin Lower.

Five of the six aren’t transparent.  Painter wasn’t on the Council when the meeting took place, but I don’t hear her calling for the release.  Kevin Lower objected to the discussion in the minutes already released.

Only lawsuits work, so get ready.

See this link for background information:  https://blnnews.com/2014/06/05/16760/



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