Two quick stories

By:  Diane Benjamin

I hear the Children’s Discovery Museum has taken down the “Hello From Japan” exhibit with Chinese writing instead of Japanese.  See this story if you missed it the first time:

The next story will gross out some of you and others will say “What’s the big deal?”.  Let me know your thoughts.

My church held a picnic today at a Bloomington Park.  While we were setting up, two late teen or early twenty something girls rode in on bikes with a large dog.  Side note – I love dogs and this one was really beautiful.

The girls proceeded to turn on the water fountain and let the dog put his paws on it and drink!  The dog’s head had to fill the entire basin.

Luckily, we had disinfectant wipes.  One guy did say something loud enough for them to hear, but that didn’t stop the them from letting the dog keep slurping.

Keep that picture in mind next time you want a drink from a public drinking fountain.





14 thoughts on “Two quick stories

  1. I think the Discovery Museum is most likely setting up for a new exhibit.

    I never drink from public water fountains for a number of reasons. My first question regarding the water fountain is, did the young women drink from the water fountain after their dog did? What would the public say if a person put their feet in the drinking fountain after running through the dirt? There are products out there for dogs–like collapsable drinking bowls. Maybe they thought it was cute. After all, TV commercials show the same scenario. Maybe they weren’t thinking at all about the fact that other people may want to use the fountain. This is the new generation of cyclists.

      1. Then, you probably sufficiently embarrassed the Discovery Museum staff. Hope they “discovered” a valuable lesson.

  2. Were wipes used before or after the dog drank? I have seen many dogs I would rather drink after than most humans.

  3. Gross, maybe, but humans haven’t survived millions of years WITHOUT being exposed to and becoming resistant to the bacteria and viruses present in the EVERYDAY environment! Now if the dog was foaming at the mouth, or it was a pet bat, then I’d be concerned, but generally dogs have LESS germs in their mouths then people. Do YOU take your shoes off before entering YOUR home? In europe MANY places give you slippers and you leave your shoes at the door-THOUSANDS of years of spooge on the streets, not to mention several plagues have probably led to this. I’d be MORE worried about the door handle at the local restaurant!! IF this concerns you, then I’d suggest NEVER eating in a restaurant or camping! And you PROBABLY don’t want to know WHAT all else has been done at that fountain-IS it any worse when the local ball teams get a drink and spit back into it-which is common place?? That’s the world we live in. And I think I’d stay OUT of China also. Bottom line, IF you’re wanting a drink, get a water bottle and carry your own, otherwise take your chances at the local fountain.

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