Tonight: Koos trying to grab Sales Tax?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight Bloomington and Normal’s Councils are holding a “social” event.  Thanks to a reader who sent this to me:

jointLooks to me like eavesdroppers should attend!

Somebody else could check for impairment when they leave!

I know Koos and Renner were shocked at how fast the Bloomington Council rejected Sales Tax sharing.  Of course it will be back.

Buddies don’t let buddies go broke because you stole their businesses!  It’s “make a buddy” night at the Coliseum.

I wonder is drinks are free!  What statue would “free” be under?

Fine line here Tari!  You posted it as a meeting, but no agenda.  Every meeting is required to allow Public Comment.  So what time should they be there?






5 thoughts on “Tonight: Koos trying to grab Sales Tax?

  1. It appears to me to be a campaign meet and greet for incumbents. That is where the wheeling, dealing and lobbing take place. The venue will be packed with Downtiwn “stakeholders.”

  2. This is a social event to (get drunk and) build relationships (by use of flavored truth serums) resulting in (hopefully) dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

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