Normal: It’s the Council’s fault!

By:  Diane Benjamin The Town of Normal is pretending pension expenses are mandated by the State and they can’t afford them without raising Property Taxes. Somehow the Police and Fire pensions have been seriously underfunded for years.  IMRF retirements have been funded above the 80% level since 2013, think Mark Peterson’s retirement, while in 2016 […]

Normal: Blatant illegal meeting(s)

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s getting harder and harder to see that ANY laws matter, at least for government.  Officials can twist facts, feign illness, and violate the law knowing nobody is going to prosecute.   The Town of Normal Council is doing their part Tuesday night: I don’t know if this “planning session” has taken […]

What’s Normal doing Monday night?

By:  Diane Benjamin See the agenda here: Somebody should ask the Town Council:   Who should the State not pay so Connect Transit can get paid?  Pensions?  Medicaid Recipients?  State employees?  Schools? According to the County records, this property was bought in September of 2015 by Normal for $150,000: Lock up your wallet! […]