Normal: Blatant illegal meeting(s)

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s getting harder and harder to see that ANY laws matter, at least for government.  Officials can twist facts, feign illness, and violate the law knowing nobody is going to prosecute.   The Town of Normal Council is doing their part Tuesday night:

I don’t know if this “planning session” has taken place or if it’s part of this:

No agenda is posted for either a “planning session” or a “retreat”.   Has anybody in Normal read the Open Meetings Act?  Does the Town lawyer not know the law?  States Attorney Jason Chambers was on the Normal Town Council – I wonder if they held retreats then and he thought they were legal?

Obviously the Open Meetings Act doesn’t apply if the Town Council wants to party at Starved Rock Lodge at your expense.  Obviously nobody is stopping them either.

What part is too difficult to understand?

The public has a right to know of meetings in advance?

The public has a right to attend ALL meetings?

Deliberations must be conducted openly?

I know Normal has been going to Starved Rock illegally for years, but that was when few people  cared in Normal about being fleeced.  This illegal practice of plotting against taxpayers in private must stop.


Jason Chambers needs to explain why laws don’t matter and why he isn’t stopping Starved Rock retreats!

Breaking the law numerous times doesn’t make the law immaterial!

The $5300+ speaker is going to teach them how to get results.  That would be the results government wants, not taxpayers.  From his website:



4 thoughts on “Normal: Blatant illegal meeting(s)

  1. What’s this guy going to do. Show them that Rivian might actually figure out HOW to make a car? Teach them HOW to mow cheaper? Show them how to keep “studies” under 100 a year? Yeah, fat chance!
    OHHH, MAYBE show them WHAT kind of paint to use for bicycle lanes..

    1. I have attended one of Lyle’s presentations. It is hard to believe people are still buying what he is selling.

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