Is Tari on Time Out?

A Facebook poster reported seeing Tari at Target Sunday moving along quite briskly.


By:  Diane Benjamin

The story broke on July 30th of Renner’s personal use of a government Purchasing Card.

On August 16th WGLT did this story of the Council being concerned about Renner’s erratic behavior.  Reading the story though shows them less concerned than the public who made comments to Facebook and Renner’s responses.

This follows the 8/14 meeting where Renner wanted a full-time assistant and was shot down.  He then decided the Council needed to be given a list of tasks – as punishment for not complying?

The 2015 censure, that wasn’t really a censure, did nothing to curb Renner’s attacks on opponents.  The Council must have decided another wouldn’t help either.

On 8/21 Renner didn’t attend a Committee of the Whole meeting, no information was given by anyone present other than he couldn’t make it.

We knew the Illinois State Police was investigating on 8/21 because somebody leaked it to the Pantagraph.

Renner conducted a media blitz to justify his behavior before he disappeared.

Renner’s “medical related leave” was announced on August 28, right before he missed another Council meeting.

Last night Renner was well enough to attend an event for a fellow Democrat running in 2018:

He is supposedly still teaching at IWU too.  Go back to the WGLT story.  The Council comments sounded more annoyed than believing their fearless Democrat leader broke any laws.

It sure looks to me like the Council put Renner in Time Out.

Go hide, stay away from the media, pretend you didn’t just announce mayor is a full-time job and you need an assistant, and pretend you have a “medical related” illness.  One more:  Stay off of email and Social Media.

The public should demand a doctor’s note before he returns!

He might be contagious or worse!

The Council members (your representatives) aren’t going to hold Renner accountable for the content of his character, neither are other Democrats.






19 thoughts on “Is Tari on Time Out?

  1. Renners act is getting old, and the council is just finding ways to keep him from doing something stupid. They don’t want to make it look like it’s them against the mayor.

    The medical leave is to get his head straight. He can walk and talk just fine, but he needs to get a grip on his impulses or else they risk even losing Democrat support. The council knows this, but they enabled it for too long.


  2. Seriously??!! I have a friend-does blacksmithing, has a 200# anvil. It’s GREAT at straightening things out!
    The council stood behind this idiot LONG ENOUGH so they are finally getting their cake
    Marie Antoinette


    1. Diane, I think Trump, Gionforte, and Christie would agree: “Those darn Democrats!” Add Wild Bill Thompson to the list.


    2. Townie, is there a big enough hammer to straighten out Tari? You might have better luck getting O.J. to admit he is the real killer.

      That is not cake the council is eating, that is a big can of eating their own dog food. Unless it’s fruit cake, then I can see the cake analogy.


  3. I think this is likely spot on. Ya’all know as well as I do that they have their little special meetings, they call them “parties” or little get togethers at their favorite water holes but not the usual ones like Rosies, or Destihl or Reality Bites etc. This may very well have been hatched at a little “house party” or get together. Now, let’s just watch how it plays out – This is an open ended “leave of absence” isn’t it? I can imagine all of the scrambling being done behind the scenes, wonder if they will leave him to hang in the wind to save their own skins or will they rally round the little rodent. Tarry’s act IS getting REAL old (it was old to me the first time I saw the man) – stay tuned – and yes Diane – very good work on this one.


  4. Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

    Many people involved in politics swear by the notion that “the ends justify the means,” which is typically the sign of a self-serving actor attempting to justify questionable if not downright evil action in order to get what he or she wants. While pursuit of “the greater good” is often put up for public consumption, the driving force behind this sort of action is almost always personal gain of some sort. This is what most politicians do for a living, which is why they are justifiably hated by the general public.

    The moment you justify one very wrong action to achieve a noble goal, what’s to stop you from next even more unethical action, or the next and the next? Nothing. This is what’s so dangerous about going down such a path. Indeed, those who fight monsters often end up becoming the exact thing they claim to be fighting. The world doesn’t benefit from this, only the person who has gained power as a result does, at least superficially. Ultimately, even that person doesn’t benefit when all is said and done. A person who attains their goal by sacrificing principles is a tormented, miserable person. They may seem to “have it all” from the outside, but deep down they hate themselves and what they’ve become. There is no peace. I believe karma eventually catches up to everybody one way or the other.


  5. WOW ! Sticky you dunn hit the mayor on the head! As for morales and politics. Well, it’s kinda like mixing phosphorous and oxygen or nitrogen and glycerin…
    stay tuned!
    Bottom line-the guy done fugged up!
    and to borrow an OLD phrase, the piper wants paid, and it’s TIME to pay the piper!


  6. Corruption corrupst, and I believe that Tari has NO moral compass.. AND IF the council ad hoc decides to follow that compass, then they are his little lemmings.
    THIS should be the end of his DICTATORSHIP !
    Hey Amelia, who’s yer daddies girlfriend?? ENQUIRING minds want to know!!


  7. If you took a medical leave of absence from a elected position (part time job) and then are seen at your full time job as well as out in public being a politician. Totally invalidates the medical leave of absence for the part time job and in the real world you would be vacating your job and/or be fired. But clearly this is not the real world. Time for the lack of control, lack of respect for citizens, misleading statements, and now this vacant the position entrusted and taken under oath to obey the laws, policies and set the bar high on mutual respect. We do not have a Mayor he has vacated that seat by once again playing politics and not being honest to the council, citizens and his full time employer.

    If you need a medial leave then you should not be out and about doing the democrats work and AVOIDING the one you swore you would do.

    Your FIRED Tari Renner by your own actions once again.
    Turn in your key to City Hall.


  8. If you wanted privacy then why are you Tari Renner out in public at all. Oh could it be you cannot be Mayor while under investigation? Public money was used to buy a ticket for Margot. Just because you are Mayor does not mean you can change the facts by suddenly after your back in the USA say Oh she was delegated. Did she get here money back as she has asked for yet?


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