Do we have a Prosecutor?

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By:  Diane Benjamin

The biggest obstacle to cleaning up the corruption in Illinois is finding a prosecutor.  The Good ‘Ole Boys club is alive and well at all levels.  See this story from the Edgar County Watchdogs:  More Govt Gun Running-We Need Outside Prosecutors To Fix Inside Corruption and Malfeasance

Here’s the latest:

Tari Renner is quoted in the Pantagraph saying his trip to Japan cost somewhere between $600 and $1800.  The reporter must not have noticed there is a BIG difference between those two numbers.  I remembered writing something about the trip awhile back because there were charges on the PCard report for the flight.

See this story:

This time when I looked back I noticed a ticket was also purchased for M Ehrilch.  That just happens to be the name of Tari’s live-in girlfriend!

From his Facebook page:

This is Margot Ehrlich:

Since she is also a government employee, she should have known better than to allow Tari to buy her ticket with taxpayer money!  Doesn’t ISU have ethics training?

No, Home Rule does not allow Tari to spend your money on his girlfriend.

No, Home Rule does not make it okay if he bothers to pay it back.  A robber doesn’t get his case dismissed because he gave the booty back!

From the Illinois Constitution:

Tari Renner should be investigated for Official Misconduct. The question is:  Will our States Attorney care?

Here’s the law – Class 3 Felony!


Why didn’t the City Council ask questions?

This meeting is the ONLY meeting I have ever been forced to file a FOIA for the Bills and Payroll.  Coincidence?


29 thoughts on “Do we have a Prosecutor?

  1. He has a girlfriend?! 😲Eww
    Apparently, he and his cronies have no problem stealing an excessive amount of tax money for lunch, dinner, and travel? Living like Kings and Queens on our dime. They’re all disgusting.

  2. Airfare alone is $1,800 each. Double occupancy costs more than single. Add food expenses. Where does it end? This is blatantly illegal. Renner has no moral compass. Chamber’s office and Lisa Madigan’s office should be inundated with letters and emails. Bloomington’s mayor has quite a record. A “censure,” largest pension spiking in state history and at least 2 OMA violations. Renner is basically saying, “screw you!”

  3. If city managers knew about this and helped get this passed without council knowledge does that make them co conspirators to a felony crime?

    1. Hales is responsible for approval of all P-card charges. The City Council approve the Bills & Payroll. Maybe they could are all be charged as co conspirators.

  4. Diane I avoid your site because it’s always loaded with lies but the latest needs a retraction and apology or you will be sued. Margot is not a public figure like me who you can just lie about all day long the threshold for slander is much lower. Margot paid for her own way! You again show contempt for human decency!

    1. Lol, if you avoid the site then why are you here now? Golly! You liberals are so hypocritical you can’t even keep track of what you’re doing.

    2. Tari,

      Asking if the city paid for your girlfriend is a FAR CRY from ‘contempt of human decency.’ Guilty conscience much? The plane ticket for your girlfriend is listed on the statement…either the city is failing at accurately recording expenses, or the city did, in fact, pay for her ticket (illegally).

      Typical liberal to blow up instead of addressing factual evidence. Although, it was enjoyable to witness the snowflake melting publicly at one of our civilian writers.
      “What difference does it make?” must be the mantra of the democratic party.

    3. It is you, Mr Mayor, who placed Margo in this awkward position. At least take some responsibility for you actions. That is what adults are supposed to do.

  5. So Tari is romantically linked to an Orchestra Director. Probably gives new meaning to “Canon In C(communism)”.

  6. just to play devil’s advocate, i know when i’ve gone on business trips before, we used the company credit card to pay for the airfare for me/my husband so that we could get same rate/have seats together and then we cut a check to the company for my husband’s airfare. Is that a possibility???

    1. Yuk, yuk, maybe you can get prison cells next to each other too! Let us pray. Let us ask the good Lord for justice!

    2. That’s between you and your company (a private enterprise). Tari bought a ticket for his girlfriend (who doesn’t work for the city in any capacity that I am aware of) with MY money, as evidenced by his own submission of P-Card expenses…after he has the gall to jack up my taxes? Shame on him!

      Maybe he should be ‘rebuked’ AGAIN!

  7. It is plain and simple theft of taxpayers dollars Tari! Too bad Lisa Madigan is too busy protecting daddy to worry about other crimes in Illinois.

  8. Time for ANOTHER tea party-THIS one in Jason Chambers YARD! This is just plain and simple THEFT! REALLY! $3600 to take TWO bozos to the mayors convention, ONE who isn’t even a mayor? This HAS to be ILLEGAL at MANY levels!

  9. hehe, Mr Renner is a love child living with his soulmate out of marriage. Is this so they can each get their free handouts? Where is his committment to marriage? to Bloomington? to anything?

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