Is Renner’s announcement illegal?

By:  Diane Benjamin

In about 30 minutes Tari Renner is announcing his bid for re-election.  He is doing it in front of the Route 66 Visitors Center located inside the McLean County Museum of History.

That building is owned by McLean County.

Campaigning inside City Hall is illegal.  Campaigning inside the Law and Justice Center is illegal.  Campaigning on public property is illegal!

Since the building is publicly owned, is it illegal to campaign there?

Couple observations:

  • Laws are almost immaterial to Renner – see all the Open Meetings Act violations pending and my lawsuit
  • Finding a prosecutor would also be next to impossible

One would think a political science professor would know better.

Is Renner posting signs?

signsMaybe his buddies at the Pantagraph will provide pics.

The pic of Renner in the paper today is with Sue Feldkamp – the Liquor Commission member he is trying to ditch so he can be Liquor king.

Great choice!



More on his Facebook page!



6 thoughts on “Is Renner’s announcement illegal?

  1. Got to luv the social newspaper website photo of Renner shaking the hand of someone and in the background you see “weiners” on a awning. LMAO

  2. Mathy, Alderman Black and Alderwoman Hauman were there. Not many other bodies present. I guess it is true that the transient IWU students are his voter base. Does their grade depend on their vote?

      1. We need a viable opponent. Many people I know who have not been politically active are grumbling–even some who are “liberal.” People are not happy and don’t like his arrogant behavior.

  3. From Renner for Mayer FB page there is a link to a website for his campaign video. His accomplishments are framed with the olive branches remenicient of the Roman Empire.

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