Proof the Council is immaterial

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve now got proof that Bills and Payroll, approved by the Council at regular meetings, is meaningless.  Nobody is holding checks waiting for the Council vote.  I wonder how many aldermen even read what they are asked to approve!

If you don’t know what Bills and Payroll looks like, see this webpage.  Pick any date:

Last week I did another FOIA request to IMFR (Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund) for Bloomington’s Accelerated Payments and penalties.  If you forgot, City employees accumulate sick days and get paid for them when they retire.  This spikes their pensions and causes IMRF to bill Bloomington for the increased pension expense.

This is what I received:


Since 2012 the City has charged taxpayers close to $1.6 MILLION.  Note $25,039.24 has yet to be paid.  The $2,654.61 is interest for paying late.

Here is how the Council is immaterial – other than tolerating spiked pensions for employees – see Todd Firmand.  IMRF reported the $28,405.37 was paid on 7/18/16.

The wire transfer was presented to the Council August 8th for approval:

The $28,405.37 wire transfer is listed on the last page.

Why have the Council approve payments that are already made?

The checks are already in the mail, therefore pretending they are approving payments is just that:  Pretending!

Do the aldermen realize they are just stooges?





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