Voting by Mail? I’m not!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last week the Kathy Michael, McLean County Clerk, and Tim Mitchell, Executive Director of the Bloomington Election Commission, issued a joint Press Release.

Note:  If you had voted to abolish BEC when you had the chance there wouldn’t be TWO now!  (No, I’m not letting you forget)

You will be getting a Vote By Mail application if:


See the entire Press Release here:  Press Release – VBM 2020

Before you decide this is great, see this story from CBS News:


Mail-in voting, for many, is as simple as sending a letter, but rules vary across the country for when a voter can get their ballot and when it should be returned. In 2016, more than 73,000 out of 33 million mail-in ballots arrived too late to be counted.

Many Americans are expected to vote by mail for the first time in November 2020 because of coronavirus concerns, so “CBS This Morning” sent out 100 mock ballots, simulating 100 voters in locations across Philadelphia, in an experiment to see how long one should give themselves to make sure their vote counts.

For the experiment, a P.O. box was set up to represent a local election office. A few days after the initial ballots were mailed, 100 more were sent.

A week after initial ballots were sent, most ballots appeared to be missing from the P.O. box.

“I don’t see anything back there for you,” a postal worker told Dokoupil when he received the mail. “That’s all I have back there right now.”

After asking for a manager and explaining the situation to them, the votes were found.

“They had them somewhere else,” the postal worker said.

Then, another problem — missorted mail.

Out of the initial batch mailed a week earlier, 97 out of 100 votes had arrived. Three simulated persons, or 3% of voters, were effectively disenfranchised by mail by giving their ballots a week to arrive. In a close election, 3% could be pivotal.

Four days after mailing the second batch of mock ballots, 21% of the votes hadn’t arrived.

Tammy Patrick said many states’ mail-in voting policies simply do not take the postal system into account.

Some Americans say they are hesitant to trust the U.S. Postal Service, despite pandemic concerns.

“I’m scared that it might get lost in the mail,” potential voter Kim Tucker said. “I just want to make sure that my vote is submitted, like, I see that it’s submitted, that it actually counts.”

When Dokoupil shared the results of the experiment with Philadelphia Commissioner Lisa Deeley, she said the results were better than she expected.

Voting by mail?


(Democrats own this one)


6 thoughts on “Voting by Mail? I’m not!

  1. The controlla virus push of no groups etc., is a fearmongers dream of preventing a Trump landslide by stealing votes in favorof thedemonrats.Notehow thedemonrats are already predicting that Trump will not accept the results of a (stolen) election. Deceive to achieve.

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  2. Not one Citizen wants to lose their vote after they go to the work of voting. But when I see this, “73,000 out of 33 million mail-in ballots arrived too late to be counted.” this figures out to be .002% of 100%. Do we know that all these ballots were mailed on time enough to normally arrive on time? If someone is so worried they can send it back as a Certified Mail and someone has TO SIGN FOR IT, and proof of delivery is sent back to the voter. I have sent customers motor fuel tax refund forms this way and never lost but one. But someone in Springfield had signed for it so a second form was allowed and paid in full. It will cost an extra fee, but it is way less than a Registered Letter fee.


      1. A guy? You think females don’t change votes too. Case in point in Southern North Carolina, 2018 vote for Federal Representative, had to be done over at voters expense because one person sent other people out to collect those allots. Most just signed them and the persons picking them up, females mostly, did the write in marking of the ballot. Oddly they ALL voted Republican and they barely squeaked in. a T V reporter discovered this illegal voting scam and forced a new election. The guilty political Party, Republican, and the man that lost in the end, was a Minster too boot.

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  3. I saw this story on CBS. When I USED to travel a lot for work, I HAD to mail in a ballot, which back before “Get Trump-19” was pretty easy, now it’s gonna be like giving a cat a bath!
    My question IS, what with all the “professional rioteers” now, WHAT’s it going to be like after a TRUMP landslide , WILL the damnocrats accept the results???

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