Disappearing Aldermen

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington has dealt with Aldermen who disrespect the flag with activist signs and refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance, just make them disappear.

Next they need to work on the disrespect to their oaths of office, promoting socialism or worse is not compatible with the Constitution they swore to protect and defend.

See the magic zoom screens below.  

Jenn and Jeff are present:

She there

Now now they aren’t – during the pledge:

she isn't

Now they are back:

shes back

All three screen shots are from the first 40 seconds of the video below.

9 thoughts on “Disappearing Aldermen

  1. This IS the United States, and it has a FLAG. Yes you have freedom to disrespect it, but we have the freedom to never vote for you again. What goes around, comes around.

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  2. In my humble opinion, disrespecting the flag, pledge, or national anthem by a sworn government representative, LEO, military, etc. is no different than disrespecting our Constitution, which the two aldermen in question, I assume, took an oath to uphold. No difference.
    To Crabill and Carillo, if the respect level for the office you hold is that low and you hold that much contempt, not only for the voters, but for the proceedings as well, then resign. Just resign and be done with it. There are a great deal of people that would prefer you weren’t there, and you obviously don’t want to be there, so just resign. Resigning is the ONLY way to not embarrass yourselves in the coming year. I mean, I’m already ashamed of the both of you for even thinking you’re being good Americans. In short, you’re both a disgrace.

    P.S. – You know the Chinese have a word for people like Crabill and Carillo. I believe its baizuo. And it’s only reserved for people like them. Look it up, it’s hilarious.

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  3. So we have traitors on the city council?

    How about we vote the traitors out-of-office and replace them with patriotic Americans?

    Jenn and Jeff should move to Portland where they can assault the police and the establishment EVERY night of the week.

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  4. Diane is exactly right! Your community culture and safety within your community will be determined by those of you good conservatives who are willing and able to serve your community . The time is now and has never been more important. I would hate to see Bloomington turn into the next Chicago and if you don’t stand up now it will be run over quickly. Where are the farmers who should be filling the county board seats? I don’t live in your community but I do work and shop in your community. My location is such that I can easily take my shopping dollars elsewhere. I love Bloomington-Normal and would hate to walk away from it.

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  5. Actually, EVERY language from American to Urdu has a word for people like Jenn and Jeff, as most EVERY society has people like them they “have to deal with” only in a REPUBLIC society do they let them display their “beliefs” and live.. TRY this is Mali right now or China!!

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